Before and After Portraits That Show the Effects of Time and Aging


For her project titled “Identities,” London-based photographer Ana Oliveira created a series of before and after photos that show the effects of time and aging.

The before image in each diptych is a portrait captured decades ago — some as long as 60 years ago. Oliveira then shot a new portrait of the person that closely resembles the style and pose of the older image.











You can find more photos from this series over in this Behance gallery. Oliveira also did the same idea with more complex portraits as well.

This “passage of time” concept has become quite popular in recent years. For a similar project, check out “Back to the Future” by photographer Irina Werning and Ze Frank’s “Young Me Now Me” project.

Image credits: Photographs by Ana Oliveira

  • 11

    “effect of time and aging” hahaha… as if there’s a choice

  • bob cooley

    One thing that’s interesting is the consistency in hair style between the younger and older portraits in many of these. Interesting in that a large part of the the subjects’ identity is defined by their hairstyle, which they have kept (or a close variant of the same) over the course of many years.

  • Mphq3L

    And this is why you shouldn’t marry for looks.

  • Richard

    This is a wonderful project. The comments will reveal the ages of your followers, no doubt…

  • Petee16

    how terribly sad :(

  • Adam Gasson

    Sad why?

  • Roy

    Where was one implied?

  • Chris Foley

    I find it beautiful

  • Chris Foley

    I’ve wanted to do a daily time lapse of this same idea. Better get started

  • Goku Saiyan

    Wish she did black people to show how superior their aging process is.

  • Jon Martelli

    This looks to me like a before and after of how people have not aged for the better. I’m sure they are all wonderful people, but time has not been very good to them aesthetically speaking. Now I’m just making a clear observation on how the artist directed his work. I happen to think aging is beautiful–even though a person tends to lose the outer beauty, a person matures, learns and becomes more beautiful on the inside. This is the only thing that truly matters in life. To develop an inner beauty through experience and in spite of this supposed outer look.

  • Lauren Munroe

    There was a gentleman that did that on youtube. I want to say it was over a 10 year period (I could be wrong) but he took a picture of himself everyday. Very interesting to see. You should get started right away! I told myself the same thing though…haven’t started yet. Good luck :)

  • john pinion

    The amazing thing is that these people haven’t changed clothes in 30, 40 years. :D

  • Marcus

    If anything it’s why you should marry for looks. The beautiful get ugly, but the ugly just get uglier.

  • fjcmclgm

    A nice project. If only the news weren’t as depressing.

  • A. Smith

    If you place your value on looks and nothing else I could see how this is depressing. I see this merely as an eventuality.

  • Stephen Scanlon

    Nothing racist or ignorant about that comment.

  • Christian DeBaun

    Lovely project, and well shot.

  • Yoda

    When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmm?

  • Andy Gergen

    When our generation does this, its going to be pictures of a bunch of almost naked people….

  • 67toshi

    In my youth I would have found this project extraordinary fascinating, much like walking amongst tombstones and looking at the names and dates. But once you reach mid-forties it’s a little too close to home, being one day closer to death. *sigh*

  • Goku Saiyan

    Nothing racist about this project., either right?

  • Guest

    This project is racist.

  • Alix

    Why has there always got to be the token racism card thrown in when there’s not a single person of colour included in things?

    My graduating class was entirely white British. I suppose my school was racist, too.

    And aren’t you too being racist, claiming that people of colour age better?

    Nah. Doesn’t seem to work that way.

  • Missourimule

    Wow – that’s eye-opening! I had no idea that aging actually changed a person’s appearance.

  • Piotrek Ziolkowski

    so wonderfully inappropriate ;)

  • hipstouche

    whoah 8th photo, Anna Paquin! :D

  • Keyser Soze

    everyone was ugly and got uglier. 420 die before you get old every day

  • Keyser Soze

    It might seem racist but its a scientific fact. The overwhelming majority of skin aging is caused by solar radiation, which the naturally higher melanin content of black people’s skin protects them from.

  • Sulei

    Number 8 look a little bit like Ana Paquin when young.

  • Sulei

    Number 8 looks a little bit like Ana Paquin.