DigitalRev Attempts to Recreate Strobist’s Famous Profile Pic

Typically, the folks over at DigitalRev are the ones doling out the challenges. Be it a Buzz Lightyear camera or a sub-par tilt-shift replacement, they like to put the pros through their paces.

But in this video, they’ve turned the tables on themselves by trying to recreate Strobist David Hobby’s famous profile picture without knowing anything about the lighting set up. What’s more impressive, they attempt it all using only a banged up Canon T3i and a couple of Family Jewels FUQ 690 flashes.

We won’t spoil the process (which, after all, is the best part of DigitalRev’s videos) but we will share the final results.

Here’s the original:


And here is DigitalRev’s final product:


Fake a Big Shot – David Hobby [DigitalRev]

Image credits: Photographs by DigitalRev and David Hobby

  • Samcornwell

    He’s got a red tshirt on, DigitalRev guy is wearing a coat. At least make a bloody effort! ;-)

  • HÃ¥vard Fandrem

    I don’t get it, why is that picture so famous?

  • ennuipoet

    It’s not, but it is a fairly good example on how to use off camera flash to light a photo. Sadly, the the video was so involved in being “clever” it failed to tell you how to actually light the shot.

  • Jeremy Hodges

    David Hobby’s screen wasn’t on, thats why the Apple isn’t lit up.

  • ietion

    the (clumsy) way this digitalrev guy is always holding his cameras makes me anxious!

  • Aaro Keipi

    At risk of correcting the obvious, it’s a t3i, not t31

  • Mansgame

    Because he is a god to all the “strobists” and they feel anything he does is pure genius. Of course, DH is a great photographer and educator, but his disciples are some of the most annoying copycats I have ever run across who try to light everything whether it needs it or not and most of their pictures end up looking like a bad HDR as they attempt to overpower the sun every chance they get. Ok Jr., I know you own some duct taped flashes, but that picture of the girl in front of the sun isn’t that creative.

  • Roy

    You expected to actually learn something from a DigitalRev video? :-)

  • El_Fez

    I dont get it – it’s not a bad shot, but I’m not seeing the “famous” part.

  • Samuel

    Also the budget for this video seems to have fallen below the price of 2 cans of mountain dew