Turn Waterproof Fleece Into a DIY Cover For Your Lens


Here’s a thrifty DIY idea courtesy of Netherlands-based photo enthusiast Rob Gipman. After getting rain on his lens a while ago, Gipman decided to take an unwanted piece of water-resistant fleece and make a do-it-yourself covering for his Canon 100-400mm lens.

Making a custom cover allows you to come up with a perfect fit for longer telephoto lenses that generic one-size-fits-all covers might not protect adequately. If you’d like some water-resistant fleece, Amazon is selling waterproof fleece blankets for $19.


Although Gipman’s was already double-sided and water resistant, he decided to further waterproof the covering by applying a water-repellant spray (you can use 3M’s Scotchgard for this).

The beauty of Gipman’s cover is that the softness of the material allows the push-pull zoom of the lens to be fully functional while it’s being protected. (Using this type of thicker cover for a rotate-to-zoom lens might be a bit more tricky.)

(via DIYPhotography)

Image credits: Photographs by gipukan (rob gipman)

  • Leonardo Abreu

    lol, this is ugly

  • fast eddie

    Oh great…a lens Snuggie.

    “You too can look like you shop at Walmart!”

  • Neoracer Xox

    just use a sock!!!!

  • Michael

    It’s no worse looking than any of the various plastic bags sold to keep your gear dry.

  • JJ Black

    “Make your camera look like a camouflage Fleshlightâ„¢! We’ll show you how in 3 easy steps!”

  • Tito

    Looks like lens foreskin!

  • Lee

    or…. you can just buy PENTAX cameras and WR/DA* lenses. Just sayin.

  • Fauxtographer

    You have waterproof socks?

  • Naor

    Problem is that they attach to Pentax bodies. ;-)

    This is coming from a Pentax user of the last 27 years.

  • Burnin Biomass

    Camouflage Fleshlight? Would the tag line for that be “They will never see you coming”?

  • Ian Ludwig


  • Caenwyr

    and how about dust? Push-pull zooms are known to be real dust suckers. Does this sleeve influence that too?

  • Rob Gipman

    Looks great and hope ppl are happy with this idea :)

  • Rob Gipman

    No dust in my 100-400 and I used this for about 4 years in dusty Africa :)

  • JJ Black