Humorous Tongue-in-Cheek Posters for Photographers


Template and Photoshop action maker The Shoppe Designs has been making a humorous series of posters called Shoppe Satire. Each graphic pokes fun at some aspect of the photography business, with inside jokes that certain types of photographers will be able to relate quite well with.

Here’s a selection of the posters in the series so far:

12HRS_BLURB-662x1024 copy

277254_10151292290523832_1545568327_o(pp_w834_h1289) copy

458741_10151366857348832_1844429621_o(pp_w834_h1289) copy

BRINGINGCAMERAweb(pp_w834_h1288) copy

CROPweb(pp_w834_h1288) copy

NICEPICTURES_BLURB(pp_w834_h1289) copy


RAWweb(pp_w834_h1288) copy

SQUINTING_BLURB3-662x1024 copy

YOUMIGHTBE1-662x1024 copy


You can find the entire collection and high-resolution versions of the images over on the Shoppe blog. They’re also being sold as posters over on Zazzle for $20 a pop.

Image credits: Illustrations by The Shoppe Designs and used with permission

  • agour

    “your camera takes really nice pictures.. thanks I taught it everything I know”

    ahahaha that ones genius!

  • Anthony Harden

    The last poster becomes disturbing if you shoot models for a living.

  • Syuaip

    truly funny

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Even worse would be food photography.

  • lidocaineus

    The minimalist in me dislikes the insane amount of flourishes on each of these sort-of-funny-but-not-really-enough-to-be-a-sign signs.

  • Glenda

    What is with this new trend that requires using at least 5 different fonts on one poster? It’s really awful ….

  • Chris Cameron


  • Guest

    It’s hardly a new trend. It’s based on old Wood Type style posters.

  • Guest

    It’s hardly a new trend. It’s based on old wodtype style posters

  • harumph

    Even speaking as a photographer, I have to say that a lot of these make photographers look like dicks. Somehow I don’t think that was the intent.

  • wombatmobile

    Yes. Are you familiar with Edward Tufte’s work?

  • wombatmobile

    Yes. People had more time for writing then, and less to read.

  • wombatmobile

    Yes. Now we know that all those fonts impede cognition and detract from the underlying message. However, we are able to mentally strip back the veneer of presentation to reveal the underlying message, which we can then contemplate. When the underlying message is lame, we feel disappointed because we have received no reward for our toil.

  • Steve Nordquist

    Not least the necessary followups ‘How could I light a baby in that?’ ‘Do I have a spritzer and a ring for this?’ ‘Should I line up the agencies in a reference shot?’ ‘How about some oil around the edges of zone zero?’

  • Steve Nordquist

    More importantly, easy to follow up?

  • Rick Miller

    I knew I was full of CROP!

  • Daniel Lin

    I hate to play devil’s advocate here, but things like this that glorify the “Facebook Photographer” (for lack for a better term) only help drag down the actual professional industry. That and aperture ring bracelets.

    Either that, or all my friends are photojournalists and we’re all a bunch of grouches.

  • Bill

    I shoot farmyard animals!

  • Guest

    Wow, a very wordy and deep interpretation of a simple catchy worded sign.

  • guest

    Daniel no disrespect intended, but I think your looking at these signs and taking them too personal. I’m sure not all plumbers cringe and rank themselves when people make the plumbers crack joke.

  • Shalev Netanel

    Actually, there was a study showing that difficult to read fonts can improve cognitive functioning and help in information retention! (source: The New York Times )

  • Dan Howard

    “you might be a mum with a “Big Black Camera” if no matter what you are shopping for you wonder to yourself could I put a baby in that?”

    it appears that most of these are really things that amateur wedding photographers would say.

  • Jay

    The main problem is that regular camera take really good photos. If someone takes enough photos they will get some good ones. I gave a friend my old Rebel XT to talk photos with. Very outdated by today’s standards but she had a decent number of good photos. Digital allows you to take as many photos as you want. You’ll eventually get something good. The auto controls on cameras do a pretty good job. I have a full frame with top of the line lenses. While technically my photos are better but you really notice the gap has closed. Also, my friend had some pretty good photos. But it’s easy to take good photos of a sunset on the beach.

    Photographers are going to have to get used to the world has changed for us the gap is narrow and affordable for people today. It’s not going to get any better for us as the technology continues to get better.

  • kuzy

    Love them

  • DL

    all the butt-hurt. get over yourselves.