Olympus E-P5 May Be Coming ‘Soon’ and Lack an Electronic Viewfinder


Rumors are starting to heat up about an upcoming Olympus E-P5, which would be the flagship PEN camera sitting on the highest tier (we briefly covered how Olympus’ PEN lines are organized in our recent review of the E-PM2). The latest things being said about the E-P5 is that it will have a new retro design, no viewfinder, and a relatively high price point.

First off, if you’re wondering where the E-P4 went (the last model was the E-P3), read this post about how Asian number superstitions affect camera model names. The premium PEN line will be jumping from the E-P3 to the E-P5, and that’s perfectly normal.

Photo Rumors is reporting that the camera will be designed to look like an old Olympus PEN F camera (shown above and below).


43 Rumors writes that the camera will reportedly be announced “soon,” and may be in stock by June or July 2013.

The site is also hearing that the camera will lack an electronic viewfinder, but may come with a new external viewfinder with a 2.44M dot resolution. This would be the same as the E-P3, which allows for an optional EVF attachment via the accessory mount.

Finally, regarding price, the E-P5 is expected to cost around $1,000 with a kit lens.

Image credit: Taichung_20110206_10 by Lordcolus, Olympus Pen F by cktse

  • 423423423

    same old sensor but more art filters i gues… yawn.

  • Rowe Lee

    I hope it would at least have an integrated flash… It’s more useful than what many imagine and a better option compared to pocketing a clip-on. Otherwise it’d suck big time.

  • gochugogi

    I’ll probably stick to my E-P3 and buy more lenses.

  • Marc Weisberg

    That’ll be more than the OMD EM5 (which i own and love – amazing camera) with the optional EVF. :-(

  • Tim

    I’ll never buy another Olympus. Had an E-P3 for a week and then returned it after noticing that the images were not sharp even at 1/250th with IS on. Strangely, they were sharp with IS off. As well, the image quality was worse than my D90, which is several years older.

  • Ben Jacobsen

    with that hump on the right of that body it’s BEGGING for an X100 style EVF/OVF. Maybe by saying it won’t have an EVF it’ll have and OVF instead? As pointed out below, they can’t price it at $1k and offer an add on EVF as that makes it more expensive than the OMD, who would want both? And even at $1k even it’s the same price as the (flagship) OMD…

  • matt jones

    Wow, so many negative Nancy’s on here. Not everyone wants an EVF, some people want a smaller form factor with the IS of an OMD. Can’t wait to see what they produce.