Picasa Web Albums Now Being Directed to Google+ Albums


In July 2011, we shared a report that Google was planning to rebrand Picasa as Google Photos later that year. Well, that didn’t happen, but it still looks like the Picasa brand name is on track to be sunsetted.

Google has begun redirecting the Picasa Web Albums URL to personal Google+ Photo Album pages.

If you absolutely can’t standing seeing your photos under anything but a Picasa logo, Google Operating System writes that there’s still a way to use the traditional Picasa interface. Simply copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

Voila! You’ll be ushered into the old interface that you know and love:


Once you enter that URL once, your browser will be fed a cookie that keeps you going back to the Picasa site when you visit, bypassing the redirect for the long haul (well, at least until you clear you cookies).

Google has been pushing heavily for its photo-sharing users to transition to using its Google+ product for storing and sharing their images. Picasa has already been replaced in the Google top navigation bar with Google+ photos, so it seems like it’s only a matter of time until the brand disappears into the annals of Google history.

  • John Huntington

    On my page, at least, they also are putting a link on the top of the Google + page that says “click here to go back to Picasa Web Albums” (see photo attached). The bigger issue is that (as far as I can tell) Google+ does not offer several key features of Picasa Web. First, it doesn’t allow photos from Google + to be embedded elsewhere, which currently works in Picasaweb (this is how I put all the photos on my own blog). Also, it’s really difficult to link to a specific Google+ photo outside of Google+. I hope they will fix both these things before killing off Picasaweb. Thanks for the great blog!

  • pothman

    Now just need an easier way to view others on picasaweb and not google plus

  • Lynda Bowyer

    Fingers crossed this works well. Clicking the image should quite rightly direct the viewer to the photo creator’s G+ profile for sure. We had all hoped this would happen last Summer (and I wished it had, as I had a G+ ‘featured image’ taken and stolen for use many times). It would have facilitated another checkpoint and reduce the further possibility of images being orphaned. Even though there are those out there who will always hawk an image for free, an extra provision in linking the photo to its creator is always a good thing, right?

  • eraserhead12

    So you need Google+ to use Picasa now? Sucks if you don’t want to make a profile, it’s pretty impossible to avoid anything Google’s acquired.

    Is Picasa becoming the equivalent of fb pictures now? I have a lot of stuff that doesn’t really doesn’t need to be shared on social media–e.g. random screenshots for troubleshooting, images for blog layouts, etc. Either way, I use flickr more often anyway.

  • micksh

    No. (re: 1st question)

  • S. DeShawn Watson

    It is kinda like facebook, but you have to active the share feature. I also have a lot of random, and questionable photo’s. Plus, it’s much much easier to use than fb photos