Colorful Fashion-Forward Camera Straps Made From Climbing Rope and Chains


New York-Based designers Sarah Frances Kuhn (SFK) and Meredith Wendell are teaming up to bring a little bit more fashion into the world of photography. Only their fashion accessories won’t be displayed on a model standing in front of your camera, they’ll be keeping your camera securely attached to you.

The two designers have joined forces to create a new limited-edition run of colorful, fashionable (and also expensive) camera straps that are made from climbing rope, italian leather, polished chain and plaid.


SFK has been making these sorts of straps for a while, but this limited edition collaboration with Wendell won’t last long. Each strap was handmade by putting together materials that Wendell discarded while making fashion accessories of her own.

The straps are available for everything from point-and-shoots to DSLRs, ranging in price from $75 to $125. And for the iPhoneographers among you, lest you feel left out, iPhone wristlets are included among her collaborations as well.

(via Doobybrain)

  • Guest

    Ugly and definitely not comfy.

    But i guess that’s what some hipsters are into.

  • Anon0833

    There’s a reason you don’t see straps made of round cord. They roll. Right off your shoulder.

  • ripley

    I have the feeling that those little tassles at the bottom would blow in the wind, and then go right in front of your lens. I’ve had a couple photos that would have been really good, if my camera strap wasn’t blocking part of the photo :(

  • Burnin Biomass

    I guess for those who like to be seen taking photographs.

  • Nathan Blaney

    I’ve never understood the camera strap as fashion statement thing.

  • Matthew Palmer

    nothing like drawing attention to your camera…. hipster rubbish.

  • Matthew Palmer

    I purposefully took the Canon Strap off my 5dMK2 a) Because it is too short! and b) it draws attention to my camera. This kind of thing is going to ensure loads of “photographers” with their settings dialed to auto, check shirts and gelled hair will be losing their equipment straight away! Not such a bad thing after all ha

  • Stewart Doyle

    Looks uncomfortable as hell. The closest I’ve come to fashion accessorizing, is having two short, button-able, straps added to the shoulder of my jacket. Now when carrying my camera, it cannot simply slide off, and a grab-n-run attempt will end at the length of the camera strap (The original Nikon one that came with my first dSLR, which I use because it’s worn into a comfortable softness).

    Mind you, these things look to be aimed squarely at the hipster market, and so are irrelevant for actual photographers anyway.

  • Sam


  • Duke Shin

    Pfft. Use braided chain and duct tape like a man.(Or a very strong woman)