Color, Varnish and Passion: A Look Inside an Ink Factory

Here’s a wonderfully soothing look at how the ink that brings many of our photos from digital to physical is made. From yellow, to cyan, to magenta, to black (and many more) you can sit back and relax as Chief Ink Maker Peter Welfare of The Printing Ink Company walks you though the process of taking printing ink from powder to packaging.

We honestly had never given much thought to how ink was made — it’s one of those tertiary aspects of modern photography that gets taken for granted and slips though the cracks — but the craftsmanship demonstrated in the video and the passion that Welfare clearly has for his job is inspiring in its own right.

(via Reddit)

  • Thewirehead

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  • AdamB

    I love ink. Spent a good few years as a young adult in grand format printing. Love the vibrance of pure CMY colors. Came home with a lot of stained clothes and hands…

  • Mansgame

    I liked it but where does the paint powder comes from?

  • Go Laser printer

    so its just watered down paint? Defintely does not justify the high cost of ink for printers

  • Tom

    I used to run presses when I was 15 (an AB Dick 560 and an AB Dick 9840, if I remember correct). This was a great video, made me miss the smell of ink. Also, to the commenter below, this isn’t the ink that you put in your inkjet printer, this is what you use for newspapers, magazines, packaging, business cards, etc.