PocketWizard Launches PlusX: An Entry-Level, Auto-Sensing $99 Radio Trigger


PocketWizard has just added an affordable entry-level radio trigger to its Plus lineup that will hit shelves with a price tag under $100. It’s the PlusX, an “Auto-Sensing Transceiver” that will allow photo enthusiasts to jump into the world of off-camera flash and remote camera triggering without breaking the bank.


The PlusX has 10 channels, a range of 1600 feet, and, as its name suggests, comes with a patented “Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology.” This special power allows the device to intelligently switch between transmit and receive modes (you can also set it to a transmit-only mode when you need to).


All a photographer needs to do is turn it on, connect it to a flash/camera, and then set the device’s channel using the rotary-dial on the side (the channel number is shown on a backlit screen above the dial). The trigger can take care of everything else.

PocketWizard’s Auto-Sensing Transceiver technology lets users trigger a remote camera in sync with remote flashes using only three PocketWizard radios: the one in their hands, a PlusX cabled to a remote camera, and the one connected to a remote flash. The PlusX cabled to a remote camera will receive a radio signal and trigger the camera’s motor drive, then switch to transmit mode and trigger PocketWizard-connected remote flashes, all automatically.

The PlusX plays nicely with all the other transmitters and receivers in PocketWizard’s stable, as well as PocketWizard enabled gear from third parties that have added the feature to their devices.

Here’s a video introducing the new PlusX:

The PocketWizard PlusX costs $99, and is already available from a camera retailer near you.

P.S. David Hobby has a great first-look of the PlusX over at Strobist.

  • Master433

    what a joke this is.
    for half the money i get a YN 622C.
    the YN 622C offers TTL, manual control, a hot shoe to use a on camera flash and highspeed sync. the build quality is great too.
    these PW are just overpriced crap.

    only people who read “POCKET WIZARD” and know not much will buy this.
    pocket wizard is not was it was 2 years ago.

  • gabe sturdevant

    So I need to use a cable to connect it to my camera? Why? Makes no sense. Ill stick with Cyber Syncs.

  • jones

    yongnuo for the WIN, greedy pw

  • Beard

    I think it’s awesome the PW is finally releasing a cheaper product.

    The reasons to buy a PW brand trigger/transceiver are;

    1. Every PW product works together. Thus later if you want to get a dedicated ttl (or other special) trigger all of the money invested in “dumb” triggers isn’t wasted since they will still work together.

    2. PW’s have the longest working distance by far. David Hobby once triggered speedlights that were placed in a helicopter that was flying around.

    3. PW’s are the most reliable triggers available

    PW’s are the industry standard for radio triggers for some good reasons. I’m glad that I can get the PW benefits at a more favorable price.

    Yes Pw’s are more expensive up front, but they pay for themselves in the long run and work the best.

  • bob

    The cable is used to TRIGGER the camera from another PW. PW’s allow continuous burst and the cybersyncs allow one shot at a time.

  • gabe sturdevant

    That makes sense. Guess I didn’t understand it from the video.

  • Mansgame

    For a dumb trigger PW’s are obscenely expensive and they have done little to innovate.

  • Richard

    Can something like CamRanger do most of this work? I’m betting soon we will see a product from a company like CR that will. It just makes too much sense. The PW stuff and the Nikon stuff is all so much money for what you get. Also, shouldn’t a lot of this stuff be built right into the camera body at this point? I mean look what we get when we buy a smartphone these days.

  • Mansgame


  • Huy Truong

    for enthusiast level yes, but for us that use real strobes I wouldn’t want to do my client shoots with some chinese brand that may or may not be reliable

  • Gary Martin

    These retards are ripping people off.. Why didn’t they just leave the Plus III and Flex Units as the only triggers they do. These are a joke.
    I have 2 transmitters and 4 receivers from the Phottix Stratto Multi II’s and they are rock solid. They have TTL pass through, Groups,and act as a remote, Come with all the cabling you need and have a hotshoe.They cost me the price of 3 of these triggers alone.
    Only fools will buy these units!
    The only thing I wish is that Sekonic would make a transmitter for my 758DR lightmeter that is compatible with Phottix 2.4ghz but even at that I will never buy a Pocketwizard dumb trigger at €99 each..They realize they are being raped with all the other companies after so long at the top and its fantastic.

  • duh

    they’re Chinese brands

  • duh

    They’re All***