Photographer Captures Girlfriend Leading Him Around the World


Russian photographer Murad Osmann has been attracting quite a bit of attention this past week on the Internet for his images. No, it’s not his professional photos of people and places, but rather a clever project he has been putting together on his Instagram account.

It’s titled “Follow Me,” and features a unique perpective: each shot is from Osmann’s point of view, and shows the back of his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova’s body as she leads him by the hand through various locations around the world.

The locations include some of the world’s most famous and exotic places, ranging from Big Ben in London and Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Hong Kong to a waterfall in Bali.

The project started during a vacation to Barcelona in 2011. Zakharova became annoyed that Osmann was so occupied with his camera and started pulling him by the hand… but it didn’t stop Osmann from snagging a shot. That shot would spark a project that has now spanned over a year and many different locations.

Regarding the look of the images: Osmann snaps the photos with his iPhone or DSLR, adds various effects to them using Camera+, and then uploads them to Instagram.

He’s based in Moscow, but it’s his job that has taken Osmann around the world. He’s the executive producer of the film company Hype Productions. Although the images make it seem as though Osmann spends his life satisfying his wanderlust, he typically only reserves a few days from each trip to explore with his girlfriend.




















You can see more images from the project and follow along through Osmann’s Instagram account, which has amassed tens of thousands of followers.

(via Mashable)

Image credits: Photographs by Murad Osmann and used with permission

  • Matt Janes

    Awesome work and concept! A beautiful girl as well!! (at least from the back lol )

  • Samcornwell

    Scrolling down through the images I found myself longing to see her from the front.

  • bayek

    I like it! Looks fun even though too HDR-ed for my taste.

  • follower

    Nice T-back on the last one

  • Chris Popely

    Half of them are ruined by the dire HDR, too much for my taste. Otherwise it’s an interesting concept.

  • danielbento

    It’s an original gallery. Start following!

  • ennuipoet

    I’ve either gotten old or I am far too involved in photography because I bared noticed the woman, but the over the top HDR THAT I noticed! Also, I am fairly sure most of these are Photoshopped into the background shots, the lighting is off in almost all of them (Though this could be a by product of the HDR)

  • Fixinmytie

    Murad has way too much time on his hands! Time I would like to have on my hands! :)

  • Jar«Ěd Ladia

    It doesnt seem like he uses his iphone for these images. this is one of his bts shots on his instagram.

  • Michael Zhang

    Updated the post. Thanks Jared

  • Victor Benito Michael

    Agreed – too much faux-HDR and well, a great way to show off your girlfriends fine a$$. :D

  • Redstart

    Can HDR just die already?

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Wonderful stuff.

    I only wish that she could have varied her pose a bit more; there must be other ways of pulling a person by the hand. I’d even forgive the overcooked HDR if she could have done just that.

  • marcusdiddle

    Apart from the, ummmm, obvious appeal, of the photos, this is truly a creative approach.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    same about the awful processing :/

  • Daniel Thomassin

    Super; et ces des belle photo Merci !

  • mysteriousj

    google search her face :D

  • Matthew Neumann

    Torturous not being able to see her face!

  • JJ Black

    Ugh.. lay off the “Clarity” slider, buddy.

  • disqus_pcwQiELXRR

    Couldn’t have said it better

  • Ariel Caudis

    Some people seems to like too much to tweak their pictures, look where digital and PS took us all.

  • Thanassi Karageorgiou

    LMAO. Thank you.

  • Thanassi Karageorgiou

    She’s actually grotesque from the front. That’s why he started this project. Not because its a cool concept. ;-)

  • Diana Acevedo

    i got the same feeling, it gets you curious about her face

  • Jason

    Gorgeous. I love the look of the pictures. For all the pros: look at them like you’re not a pro and you will see the beauty.

  • Matthew Neumann

    You guys really missed out on an opportunity by not posting THIS pic.

  • Trolls

    People hating on the hdr(clarity). This is creative. Why aren’t all of you on this site or having photos attracting people around the world if you know exactly what a photo should look like? For once try not to be a negative photographer.

  • Mansgame

    Well any concept that involves a hot girl with sass, will make for great pictures but this guy somehow managed to screw that up with the processing. Still though, good for him…

  • Lee

    Check the instagram for those who curious how she actually look like. She IS pretty. :)

  • Guest

    Or this:

  • Ben Marshall

    everytime i read “too much HDR”, “won’t HDR just die” or “im sick of HDR” just makes me think… “won’t the Renaissance just die”, “too impressionist”, “I’m sick of neoclassical”.

    It is a type of photography, like a type of art from any period, if you don’t like it you don’t have to put it down or class it as any less of what it actually is. Personally love them, would love to see them, and more, put into a time lapse style video. That could look cool

  • George Wallace

    It makes them look photoshopped into the scenes, it’s goddamn awful.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    no, i’m ok with it

  • junyo
  • bowchickabowwow

    With an ass like that, you just can’t resist.

  • Swati

    Only truly love the last picture! Because it captures the “true” colors somewhat. Others were totally ruined by HDR.

  • Rich Hocknell

    such a shame about the processing. Boring

  • Ivan

    Being involved with photography in this or that way over the period of some 20 years, looking at these images makes me feel like… hmmm… like something could be wrong with perspective and light? Hard to tell due to extensive HDR and grainy look, but I think overprocessing is there exactly to conceal the use of something made by Adobe that can do layers and layer masks.

    What about that method for detecting composite images based on differences in noise patterns?

  • ennuipoet

    I am not saying HDR is always wrong, I am saying my aesthetic preference is for a less processed image. If the artist chooses to use a heavily processed, unnatural look for their images, I respect their choice. This does not, however, mean I must like them.

  • Fernando

    Yeah, so true.

  • Fernando

    Yes, that’s what I was going to say!

  • Ivan

    OK I think I see it now! Either the world is tilted, or one her leg is shorter! (Just kidding :-)

    Try to project a vertical line going through her body, then match it to the vertical lines in the background. Check alignment and convergence, looks to me like shots were taken with different camera to subject angles. Anyone?

  • Jared Monkman

    Oh man, the BTS just ruined the fun for me!

  • Jared Monkman

    I don’t think they are photoshopped into the background at all. The lighting looks fairly natural; you’re probably just seeing the effects of the overprocessing, which in itself isn’t even that bad of a thing.. it fits the overall airy wonder he was going for.

  • Samuel

    I remember the day i realised +100% clarity didnt make all my photos better…. i suggest you investigate.

    Awesome concept though :)

  • Zos Xavius

    Lucky bastard :p

  • ennuipoet

    On reflection, you are most likely correct. I would like to see the unaltered images just to see if the processing was for processing’s sake.

  • cheap shots for real

    she probably agreed on that for the fact she’d appear her back or neck turned to the camera. and yes, terrible HDR butchering on too many pictures. sorry, kinda lame work, no excuse. with better execution the idea could have been something though..

  • Dave

    Great idea but ham-handed hdr

  • Max

    Thats one spoilt girl.. :)