Adobe Photoshop Touch Now Available for iOS and Android Phones


In February 2012, Adobe launched a photo editing app for Android and iOS tablets called Photoshop Touch. The software price priced at $10, and offers many of Photoshop’s core features in a touch-based interface.

Now, one year later, Adobe is expanding the reach of PS Touch even more: the company announced today that the app is now available for Android and iOS smartphones (and the iPod touch).


The app includes core Photoshop features such as layers, selection tools, filters, tone adjustments, and color adjustments. Layers can be used for photographs as large as 12 megapixels.


Just as with the tablet version of the software, there’s a Scribble Selection feature that makes isolating certain parts of your image a breeze, and a Refine Edge tool can be used to make your selections more precise.


The app is closely connected with Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Users get 2 gigs of free data storage, and can automatically sync their work to the cloud for storage and accessing from other devices.


Here’s a video in which Adobe introduces the new app:

If you want to get started, you can find the app over in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for $5.

  • Raphael Andreas

    Nobody has time to edit photos on mobile phones. Who does that? I mean Instagram is an exception ….

  • Matt

    No, but on an Ipad it is great. And, gues what most people who have phones do not have a pc with photo editing software. So, most people will do that…

  • Matt

    A 12mp limit? What year do they live in?

  • Kuiper

    It’s most likely because it’s very resource intensive to render in large resolutions. Though, PS on android and iOS seems rather useless.

  • Igor Ken

    lol at the picture with roses and butterflies. That is exactly the ONE USE of photoshop that is SO popular in mother Russia and SO hateful .. glad that now they can do it on the go and hopefully get hit by a bus.

  • Igor Ken

    well there are apps like photo toaster which are GREAT to quickly adjust a couple of things in a picture taken with your iPhone… but I think you are right, photoshop seems rather useless on a smartphone

  • Swade

    No, you’re right. Photoshop shouldn’t make an app that many of the 100,000,000+ users of the multibillion dollar company would buy. Companies shouldn’t make money.

  • S├ębastian Dahl

    I hope they will create an Adobe Lightroom for iOS and Andoird OS as well.

  • Mike

    Are you kidding? I edit photos on my phone all the time using Snapseed. Not photos I took with my DSLR, but photos I took with the phone. To me, this is more useful than a tablet version as I have taken hundreds of photos with my iphone and none with my ipad. I’ll buy this.

  • Cookiepus

    The Mobile world Matt!

  • Matt

    Actually I have edited my 5D II photos on my Ipad 2 with snapseed and it works well. Takes a little time to save, but otherwise not bad at all. Thats why it seems silly to limit it. Other apps resize the photo to a smaller size, and I don’t use them because of that…

  • Matt

    I agree, I think lightroom on the Ipad would be great. One of the reasons my lightroom is not as organized as it should be is that I don’t want to spend all night on my PC after I’ve worked all day. Having lightroom on my Ipad would allow me to do some updates while on the go…

  • Raphael Andreas Pavel

    I didn’t say that they shouldn’t make money. They can release whatever they want, but if it’s not useful why should they release it. As other guys posted here, I believe that a mobile version of Lightroom would be more useful to us (photographers). Probably the target market for this release were not the photographers. On the other hand I can’t imagine people who already use other softwares such as Snapseed, Instagram to start using this one. If you really want to use it, it;s probably best to use it on Ipad….but for mobile phones it’s useless…

  • eraserhead12

    My phone has a 5″ screen, I like to edit photos I took on my phone when I can’t be bothered to send them to my laptop to edit–especially if I’m not on or near it atm. Most average school/work days, my phone is my camera. If I take a quick pic of something, it’s nice to be able to edit it on the spot.

    Instagram just offers instant cheesy filters, no real fixing or editing. Pixlr Express and Snapseed are great, but it’s nice having the option to edit more than just the contrast or superimpose a lens blur. Trust me, there are people who use this, especially since ‘mobile device’ means more than just smartphone.

  • eraserhead12

    With a close-to-full-featured Lightroom, Photoshop, and MS Office, my laptop (my only non-mobile PC) will officially become redundant.