Blast from the Past: A 512MB SD Memory Card for Just $150


Last week we featured some Sears catalog ads for camera kits from back in 1900, and shared how complete camera kits were selling for just $15.35. Now fast forward a century to the 2000s, when this advertisement appeared 9 years ago. You could buy a “massive” 256 metabyte SD card or a 512MB CF card for your camera for just $100 and $150 (respectively)! For about $100 these days, you can buy a 128 gigabyte SD card.

256GB SD cards cost a hefty $700 these days, but in another 9 years, we’ll almost certainly be poking fun at that price tag as well.

Image credit: Photograph by gfraser and used with permission

  • Mark

    LOL at the 40GB portable hard drive’s price.

  • kingkool68

    For $70 you could get 256MB of RAM. Now for $70 you can get a smart phone with more RAM than that.

  • Banan Tarr

    metabyte? Is that where we store the metadata? :)

  • lidocaineus

    I was thinking it was just some kind of fake, pseudo byte.

  • Laury

    I paid those prices and more for my CF cards for my cameras.

    I still have a couple of them in the back of a drawer…who wants them, half price? ;-)

  • Libby Stack

    As one who paid dearly for the now defunct SmartMedia cards for the early Olympus cameras, I remember these days. Luckily I only bought 2 of them.

  • Dave White

    There’s still a shop in Wales that seems stuck in the past; a 128mb pen drive for the low, low price of £19.99!!!

  • Radovan Rasho Pavlic

    I actually have in my pocket my first USB memory stick, I paid 50 euros for 128 MB just 9 years ago. Found it few days ago in a drawer, and I use it to store smaller word files and such…

  • eraserhead12

    I remember when my 1MP digital camera used .fpx instead of .jpg

  • Dave

    I paid $426 for my first 4gb cf card. I think they are giving them away with a tank of gas nowadays.

  • CanadaGood

    I just checked. I must have bought my first digital camera in August 1998. Even with the big 64 MB memory card purchased later that year, my hi-rez photos were 640 by 480 pixels.
    It was a couple more years before I managed to get a digital camera with a Zoom lens.