Beautiful Nature Cinemagraphs Created from Wildlife Documentaries


If you’re a fan of cinemagraphs, you should take a look at the nature cinemagraphs being created by 28-year-old Netherlands-based visual artist Marinus. He has been using frames from popular wildlife documentaries (BBC’s Winterwatch, Wonders of Life, and Natural World), turning them into beautiful animated loops that offer glimpses into the great outdoors.











You can view Marinus’s entire collection of nature cinemagraphs so far on his Tumblr blog titled “Head Like an Orange,” which he has been updating since October 2011. There are thousands to browse through, but if you want to see a condensed version of his collection, here’s a page showing his personal favorites so far.

Image credits: Stills from footage by the BBC, cinemagraphs by Marinus/Head Like an Orange

  • 3ric15

    These are so awesome!

  • Jake

    This goes beyond the usual controversial “borrowing” others’ work to derive a new artistic piece. Marinus is actually just taking clips of existing videos and looping them, adding literally nothing of his own. If this was music, they would be the most boring remixes ever!

  • Stolen

    Inb4 the outcries of ‘thief!’

  • 3ric15

    Uhhh the article said he was already taking videos… And there’s a little more here than the simple “looping”. Since they just repeat he has to make them loop “smoothly”. For example, the tornado, it is very hard to tell when it has gone through a whole cycle. Same with the turtle in the sand and a few others too. I’d say he is adding his own skill of making cinemagraphs.

  • HÃ¥vard Fandrem

    Funny, only two of those are considered cinemagraphs. The rest is just loops, and some of the really bad as well.

  • mrbeard

    any decent video editing software can do this easily, these are lame compared to the cinemagraphs in a previous post (which were great)

  • harumph

    A couple of these are a bit hypnotic to watch, but come on let’s be honest, he didn’t “create” anything. If I hit pause on my bluray player and print out a cool looking still from The Shining (or whatever) and hang it on my wall, I didn’t create anything, and it doesn’t make me a photographer any more than this stuff would.

  • LpqH3

    The tornado blurs noticeably to cover the restart, and the others are pretty obvious back-and-forths or just restarts. I agree with Jake that theyse don’t seem to special. And just because he admits that he is taking the videos, doesn’t excuse him for being derivative.

  • 3ric15

    You only see the blur if you’re really looking for it. After I read your comment I looked back and had to look hard to see the blur. And I never said that, I was just saying that Marinus DID admit to taking the videos, while Jake was saying “Marinus is actually just taking clips of existing videos…” like Marinus never said that he took anything.

  • Jake

    I meant “actually” as in “I can’t believe he’s *actually* doing something so petty,” not that I was accusing him of hiding anything. And like I said, “Stairway to Heaven” is a great song but would anyone praise a guy who makes a 15 minute loop of the guitar solo?