A Leaked List of Specs for an Upcoming Canon 7D Mark II


A more complete list of specs has emerged for the rumored Canon 7D Mark II. The camera may be a miniature counterpart to the EOS-1D X, likely featuring a smaller body, less features (maybe), less weathersealing, and a lower price point than the 1D X.

Craig Blair of Canon Rumors writes that he received a list of specs over this past weekend from a good known source.

The camera will reportedly contain a 24.1 megapixel APS-C sensor, Dual DIGIC V processors, 10 frame per second continuous shooting (something we reported back in December), dual memory card slots, 61 autofocus points, a 3.2-inch LCD screen on the back, 5D Mark III-esque build quality, “lots of video features,” and GPS/Wi-Fi capabilities.

The camera may have a price tag of $2199 when it launches. This is about $500 more than the original 7D’s price point, pushing the camera into the price range of full frame cameras.

Current word is that the camera may make its official debut sometime at the end of this summer and then arrive on store shelves very shortly afterward.

There may be multiple prototypes of this camera floating around with slightly different specs, and we’re not sure yet that it will even be called the 7D Mark II, but this list likely gives a pretty accurate idea of what we can be expecting from Canon this year.

  • leo

    bah sony a58 will push this canon in the cemetery of cameras

  • Nathan Blaney

    Sounds like a good set of specs, if true. I’m completely Fuji at this point, but that seems like a body worth having (instead of my 5DmkII) for those rare times when fast action capture or really long lenses are called for.

  • 3ric15

    So it’s basically a high-end full frame with out the full frame?

  • Igor Ken

    I have a 5DmkII and I cannot see how you would want to change it for a 7DmkII… did you skip the part that said aps-c sensor?
    61 focus points are cool though. This is something that the 5DmkII really lacks…

  • Al

    I doubt this is entirely correct as most of those specs would put it ahead of the 5d3 – would seem and odd business decision

  • Zos Xavius

    I am by no means a canon fan, but surely you must be joking. Why would someone with enough sizable investment in canon to consider buying an insanely overpriced crop sensor camera even consider moving to sony of all manufacturers? Sony, the one company that insists on making everything imaginable proprietary. No thanks.

    Also where is this cemetery of cameras? And why do the cameras push each other around in there? You must tell me more about this fascinating place!

  • Nathan Blaney

    I’ve already dumped the 5DmkII for the Fuji X100 and X-Pro1. The only reason I’ve hung onto my Canon gear at all is for those few occasions where there aren’t Fuji lenses that will do what I need (300mm, 15mm fisheye, etc) I owned a 7D for a while and it performed ok. This sounds like a big improvement and the aps-c sensor is no big deal for me – although at one time I thought full frame was the only way to go. No longer.

  • Zach

    Thats what happened when the 5d2 came out first and the 7d followed. Why not this time around? The only way that price point is hitting above $2000 is if these specs hold up.

  • Scott M

    10 FPS are pretty impressive. Even on a crop sensor. This may steal all the bird people from Nikon, which needs something similar and doesn’t have it. This rumor may push Nikon to act quickly now. D400?

  • bilat

    too much of a camera. not gonna happen.

  • DavidC

    But no full frame sensor….

  • Zos Xavius

    The 7D body is too big. I doubt the new one will be much smaller. Personally, I feel sorry for canon users. They do some things pretty well though. It will be interesting to see if this sensor offers any better performance in high ISO. The sony sensors are pretty good and toshiba has something impressive going on too looks like.

  • Zos Xavius

    do you really need 10fps for birds?

  • Zos Xavius

    WTF ever happened to the decisive moment? Is it just hold the shutter and go through the movie sequence later or what now?

  • Clarence Johnson

    I pray to God that Canon goes full frame with this and skip the APS-C

  • Mehmet Kıvanç Özel

    ” now you can capture the whole moment. And decide later”

  • dudung10

    how about mid-level sports and news photographers who couldn’t afford a 1dx?

  • independentskeptic

    The cemetery comment was silly, but his point is an interesting one. He is comparing an a58 which I’ve heard will cost somewhere between $600-750 to the 7D II which will cost $2100. Both are crop sensor cameras, with way too many megapixels, lots of focus points and other stuff most people won’t use. The cost of lenses is certainly in Sony’s favor, but can’t compete with Canon’s variety unless you include legacy Minolta glass.

    OTOH, Canon clearly can’t keep up with Sony’s video quality coming from their DSLR tech.

    As for investment in lenses, they can be sold.

  • independentskeptic

    I don’t understand who this camera is for. If you’re a pro, don’t you want FF? If you’re an enthusiast, Canon is determined to conduct ongoing wallet-ectomies on you, and with more choices and form factors with the APS-C sized sensor, why spend a big stack of money on this with so many other similar choices.

  • Zos Xavius

    For some people…nature photogs…sports…..the crop factor is a benefit. Most people don’t realize that aps-c is perfectly OK and are stuck in this mentality that full frame is inherently better. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Resolution should no longer be a deciding factor for most people and quite honestly the later batches of APS-C sensors are very, very good at high ISO, comparable to full frame of just a few years ago. The only gains I would get from FF would be easier access to wider fields of view and less DOF. The DOF is interesting, because to get similar DOF at the apertures I use often on APS-C means that I would be pushing into F13-F16 on full frame and costing me yet another stop of light or so. Not everyone shoots at f2.8 all the time.

  • Zos Xavius

    let me go on further. there is not a huge gulf in image quality between full frame and even micro 4/3. the differences between that and aps-c are even smaller. if sensor area is of utmost importance you gain far more by moving up to medium format than you do from going between small formats. aps-c was initially a compromise because the sensor technology needed for full frame wasn’t developed yet. i think different cameras and systems fulfill different roles for people. they are all just tools. i would rather have a smaller, lighter aps-c camera (k-5) than a 5d mk3 to have on my s

  • BenJamin Prater

    You have to get out of the mentality that sensor size, APS-C or M43, is somehow not as good as FF.

    Have you seen images from the BMCC? It isn’t full-frame and the dynamic range and resolution exceeds many full-frame sensors.

    Yes, in the past ASP-C quality may have been inferior to FF, but today — we can now choose a camera based on it’s merits — and not the size of it’s sensor.

  • BenJamin Prater

    Sensor size doesn’t matter any more. You have to use the actual image as a comparison of quality, not how big or small the chip is.

  • nikonian

    That is good and all but there is one inconvenient fact about Canon…. They released the 6D last year. Additionally there will be many pissed D300s users canon I’m sure wants to scoop up.

  • independentskeptic

    Never said APS-C, m43 were bad. They’re awesome. That’s my point. Who will a $2100 APS-C camera appeal to? When others are selling great DSLR’s, what is Canon thinking here. Their 6D is priced below 2k, hence my confusion.

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Everyone assumes that the whole decisive moment thing arose out of some purity that only ‘togs from another era were privy to; maybe the Leica or Blad users that shot street scenes in b&w. This of course is nonsense. It came about because cameras weren’t technologically advanced enough to shoot multiple frames per second. Now they are, and professionals get ever more amazing pics because of that. Don’t kid yourself that the old way was somehow better. If you really want a buzzy term, use “f/8 and be there” but hold the shutter button a little longer. You *will* get better pics. Remember – all those decisive moments were great, but think of how many we never saw because the ‘tog missed by a second…

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Lol. Sure. People are lining up down the streets to switch to Sony……

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Maybe your investment in lenses and other accessories has something to do with it.

  • catfish252

    If you listen to the Sports Illustrated or Olympic photographers they all use burst to photograph fast action to ensure they get the shot. It doesn’t mean thats the way you should always shoot, but kind of like bracketing a shot to ensure the correct exposure happens.

  • TedRysz3

    Tis very true. I like the idea of GPS/Wifi in all of the Canon cameras, but might as well put those features in everything now. This seems kind of silly jump to be honest.

  • Lorence L

    Finally! I’ll definitely upgrade to this. I got few aps-c lenses I use and I don’t want full frame. 10fps is a must for me too. Also WiFi is a great addition especially now I can control 6d wirelessly

  • Orlando 林安徒生 Andersson

    they might as well put in an ASP-H sized sensor instead, still love that size!

  • Cochese

    Way too many megapixels? Really? The only time you can have too many megapixels is if it sacrifices other aspects such as light sensitivity. Which is the usual trade-off. Personally, I would greatly enjoy having the extra resolve. Memory is damn cheap, so no need to even bother with that worry any longer. I’ve had several photographs in which I’d have loved to have been able to crop a photo and still have enough information to print clear images larger than 16×20 without worry of pixilation.

  • Lee Mullen

    18mp would be better and we need 1080 50p!!!

  • Lee Mullen


  • Adam Gasson

    The frames per second and autofocus would mean it’s a very capable sports and news body. I have 5D II bodies previously and while it’s amazing for certain jobs the lack of above and also the poor weather sealing meant it was very limited for news/sports/action.

  • Adam Gasson

    I very much doubt they will – simply because it’ll take sales away from the 1DX and 5D III. The APS-C isn’t such a bad thing, I used to have a 7D and the extra reach worked well for sports (especially when you have a 1.4x extender – essentially means your 300mm f/2.8 can be used as a 670mm f/4…)

  • Adam Gasson

    I agree, seems a waste of a size format. I used to really like the 1D II because of the sensor!

  • Carsten Schlipf

    You wouldn’t be able to use EF-S lenses then and there are some pretty decent lenses like the EF-S 15-85mm USM

  • J.D. Tyre

    well I for one will have itas soon as it hits the shelves….All this chatter about it having an “inferior” APS-C chip size are bunk. I carry a full frame AND a “c” frame in my bag and get great use out of both….and my clients never ask me which camera did which image….I do, however, think that the list of specs here for a mark II model are quite lofty…..But if it has the improvements listed, I am definitely all in….anybody want a 7D? low frame count, I promise!

  • Antonio Carrasco

    I hope it does steal the nutty bird photographers from Nikon. I am tired of hearing them wine about the mythical D400. Good riddance.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    hahaha sony. good one.


    If this is real……….
    Shut up and take my money…

  • Norman Hayward

    look, step back and think about this for a second. it is a 7D MARK II. Not what you want or what you think should be made. its an upgrade to an existing camera. So, that means it should be even faster, it’s sensor should be better, it might get a few features (gps, wifi, etc), the video maybe gets some upgrades. It shouldn’t get a full frame, it shouldn’t get a mondo titanium weather sealed nuke resistant body… it is an UPGRADE, not a redesign. I have a 7D, I love my 7D. it’s SICK fast. I can shoot in a crappy lit hockey rink, I can get birds in flight (wings up, wings in the middle, wings down, catch light in the eye, catch light not in the eye, etc etc).

  • Igor Ken

    important sport and news provide photogs with the appropriate equipment I think… go hard or go home? :P

  • Igor Ken

    Yeah, I too have partly dumped my 5DmkII for the sony rx-100 and the iPhone5. But with this “dumped” we all know it actually means, I don’t carry it with me all the time but whenever I do need to go on a job or a serious project shooting, I actually go back on my knees to my 5DmkII and pray it takes me back ;)

    pshh I won’t use a crop sensor anytime again AND Of course the
    cheers. 7D performed decently, it’s a good mid-level – amauter level camera that performs very well compared to other crop sensor cams, and it was released after the 5DmkII… well still the shots of a 5D are better shots if you shoot with the same conditions, right?

  • Igor Ken

    sorry man, as stated in the comment above, I didn’t include any thoughts on the news sports action photographers, because I only thought of the guys with the 1Dies cameras… sorry!

  • geeves

    When I multiply 300 x 1.4 I get 420. What magic are you using to get to 670mm out of a 300mm lens and 1.4 extender? Because last I checked there’s not another magnifying element on an APS-C sensor.

  • George/Daily Herald

    Not full-frame? I have a 7D but would never buy a non full-frame camera again.

  • Andrew Kennedy

    300 x 1.6 to convert to full frame equiv = 480mm
    480 * 1.4 for the extender = 672mm