A Leaked List of Specs for an Upcoming Canon 7D Mark II


A more complete list of specs has emerged for the rumored Canon 7D Mark II. The camera may be a miniature counterpart to the EOS-1D X, likely featuring a smaller body, less features (maybe), less weathersealing, and a lower price point than the 1D X.

Craig Blair of Canon Rumors writes that he received a list of specs over this past weekend from a good known source.

The camera will reportedly contain a 24.1 megapixel APS-C sensor, Dual DIGIC V processors, 10 frame per second continuous shooting (something we reported back in December), dual memory card slots, 61 autofocus points, a 3.2-inch LCD screen on the back, 5D Mark III-esque build quality, “lots of video features,” and GPS/Wi-Fi capabilities.

The camera may have a price tag of $2199 when it launches. This is about $500 more than the original 7D’s price point, pushing the camera into the price range of full frame cameras.

Current word is that the camera may make its official debut sometime at the end of this summer and then arrive on store shelves very shortly afterward.

There may be multiple prototypes of this camera floating around with slightly different specs, and we’re not sure yet that it will even be called the 7D Mark II, but this list likely gives a pretty accurate idea of what we can be expecting from Canon this year.

  • Kwabena Brown

    Can it atleast have a 1.3 crop to it?

  • Nathan Blaney

    Actually, its incredibly common for photographers to have to provide their own gear, use their own vehicles, etc. Spend a little time over at where some of the best of the best hang out and you’ll see.

  • Igor Ken

    I am totally ignorant on the subject, and my comment was 99% ironic :) sorry, it was easy to misinterpret :) cheers!

  • JDP

    If they haven’t fixed the dynamic range issue at low ISO the camera will not sell regardless of how many bells and whistles attached.

  • Vlad

    Will it have a measly 12EV dynamic range like 6D and 5DM3?

  • Mun’im Zabidi

    D7100 at USD1299 (7fps, 1.3x — actually 2x FourThirds impostor) vs this noisy camera at USD2199. It’s a no-brainer. Birders would love the 2x mode..saves SD card space when the bird occupies only a small portion of the frame. I’d happily give up the 3fps difference.

  • Nick Clayton

    How could you get the perfect wing position of a flying bird by clicking at the decisive moment? no, you shoot at 10 frames / second and hopefully one shot will have the perfect wing position.

  • Nick Clayton

    How could you get the perfect wing position of a fast flying bird by clicking at the decisive moment? no, you shoot at 10 frames / second and hopefully one shot will have the perfect wing position.

  • Zos Xavius

    true, birds are a bit more of a challenge. I find 7fps enough and I never found the 5fps of my k-7 all that slow. sports have a big need for burst too, I do realize there are people out there that crave 30fps and gigantic buffers….i was merely making a snarky remark. you people get way too serious. :P

    plenty of people got by birding with film and slow 2-4fps advances…..

  • turnip

    Yeah, cos non of them do, right?


  • Antia

    What camera and lens would you recommend for wildlife photography (not birds) and is a full frame necessary?

  • Copido

    I sure hope they can produce better IQ with those extra MPs in there, maybe a less aggressive anti-aliasing filter? 18mp was almost too many crammed into an APS-c sensor as it is. I’ll wait until I see some images out of it before lining up. Rather have cleaner pixels than more of them.

  • Avster

    It’s not that you can’t get the moment… its that you are way more likely. I shoot primarily underwater. My subjects move faster than I do. When I play with over/under shots I rarely have a water line that is glass smooth… I have to get lucky that the water that is rising up and down is in the right spot that I can see both above and below…
    Faster burst means I’ll have a few more images to choose from mixed in with the failed shots where all I see is water ect..

  • deosone

    if only it was full frame :( i guess im waiting for the Pentax k3 full frame.

  • wuzzi

    So true! I love my 7D for sports and wildlife photography; looking for ways to acquire money for a 5DIII because of similar layout. Probably going to consider the 7DII to replace my 7D at some point. There are places where one body is better than the other and reasons to shoot with both. APS-C also offers the benefit of the ‘length multiplier’ even though it has its trade-offs.

  • wuzzi

    Sometimes it can be very helpful, yes. Especially to get the very best possibility of where the wings are taking off and in flight. ;-)

  • Andrew Garcia

    what if this camera performs as well in low light conditions as the 5d mark ii, would you still refuse to accept that this camera result much interesting than the 5d? much higher frame rate, a much better and faster autofocus system, better image quality, built in GPS/Wi-Fi, a better lcd screen, the same build quality, maybe a better color depth, maybe a better dynamic range, and for sure an APS-C size sensor! (for many people the worst thing in the world, for me the best thing! :) why? no vignetting with fast lenses, better optical performance with L glass specially in the corners, better macro capabilities, just perfect for shooting birds or any wild life kind of photo, etc… I have been shooting with a 40d since 2008 and let me tell you that for a long time that was just all what I needed, but now it’s time to upgrade my equipment and go for the ¨7d mark ii¨ and again I hope all those specs are true, I’ll cross my fingers :)

  • Andrew Garcia

    noisy? how do you know that? :O the fact that you prefer nikon cameras doesn’t mean that this camera will be worse that the nikon one, actually this camera seems to be much much better than the new nikon d7100, look at all those specs!! come on!! don’t compare those two completely different cameras!!

  • Art Lee

    For landscape/wildlife I use both a 7D and a 5D Mark ii, two camera “always ready” system: 1) wider angle, handheld, generally w/IS on the 5D, and; 2) longer lens w/tripod on the 7D. When I want additional reach, I use the 7D.

    The sensor on the 5Dii has about 15% more pixels, but the 7D has a 1.6x magnification factor, which gives a net improvement in super telephoto with a 7D vs. cropping with the 5D of about 1.4x. Also, the 7D uses the sweet spot of a lens, i.e. less vignetting. A full-frame camera with the same pixel density as a 7D would be about 36MP (like Nikon’s, although a Canon rep whined that Nikon’s isn’t really 36MB … whatever).

    I look forward to more pixels in both the 7D and 5D formats. I can’t afford a 1D.

  • Art Lee

    For birds, bears and the like, 24MP would be great, and crop sensor is all the better, since wildlife subject are hard to get close to and seldom fill the frame, cropping is necessary. This will help save thousands on a super telephoto lens, as well as cut lens weight for backpacking.

  • Chas

    What Adam means is the 7D has a 1.6 crop factor, 420 X 1.6 = 670mm.
    On a full frame camera it would be 420mm

  • Cody Griffin Edger

    Am I the only one hoping there is an articulating LCD screen? I have a 60D and LOVE the flip out screen. Helps a lot for video and photos on RARE occasions.

    Been struggling on jumping the crop sensor train and going full frame, but if the 7D II is as good as it sounds I will probably stay crop.

  • Joey

    How about 7D mk ii with a APS-H sensor.

  • Chas

    Do you think I should get a 1D MK 4 now to replace my 7D or wait till the 7dMK 2 comes out? Noise is the issue with me, do you think the 7d mk2 will be on a par with the 1dmk 4 ? Thanks

  • Jimmy Dee

    7D mk II has nowhere to go but fail.

    The 7D was barely able to hold its own against the 60D (flip and twist screen + audio levels native). The only thing left to make the 7D more ‘pro’ is the extra 2% on the viewfinder and the CF card slot (still a single slot. beh).

    Now the 70D is out, the 7D is sloppy seconds. But the only way to make it better is to push it into the back yard of the 5D and the 1D.

    The 7D should be retired immediately and Canon should focus on making the 80D a more capable video camera – hopefully with some manner of audio monitoring, dual card slots and maybe even a battery pack with XLR inputs!

    It’s too muddled and Canon is just pissing off their customers.
    I have the 7D (and the 70D) and I remember being pissed off when the 60D came out. Now the 70D is out, the 7D is worth less than a camera one tier and one generation below it.

    While I still find it useful to have a second body, it’s really doubtful that anyone will see the 7D mk 2 as a viable competitor now that models below it – especially by price – have all they really important features. Anyone who wants more than a 70D is going to want to go FF. I almost bought a 2nd hand 5D mk 1 for this specific reason.

  • Phil Lowe

    “If you’re a pro, don’t you want FF?”

    Different tools for different jobs. I shoot the 7D for wildlife, especially birds in flight, where the crop factor gives you that extra reach. But I also shoot the 5DIII for portraits and landscapes. Full frame isn’t necessary or even desirable for some situations. I’m looking forward to upgrading to the new 7DII.

  • Phil Lowe

    “Who will a $2100 APS-C camera appeal to?”

    Professional sports and wildlife photographers who don’t have the money to sink into a 1DX.

  • Travis Johansen

    This rumor is about to come true?!?

  • Bill Binns

    Why? I mean, it’s great that you are comfortable with your equipment but different strokes right? I have never needed to know what equipement was used to make an image before I decided whether or not the image was compelling to me.

    The ultimate photographic skill is knowing what to point the camera at and when to push the button. No amount of technology is ever going to replace that skill.

  • Eddie Amaya

    a lot of megapixels on a small sensor means smaller pixels , pixel is quantity is not as important as pixel quality! in that case that nokia phone with 40 megapixels will outperform a a 5dmkiii because 40 megapixles is more then 22