Photographer Shoots Newborn Photos of Her 13-Year-Old Adopted Son


A couple of weeks ago, Florida-based photographer Kelli Higgins shared the newborn photos above on her Facebook page. Her caption read,

Here’s my sweet not so little Newborn! His name is Latrell and weighs 112lbs ;)

The are now now becoming a viral sensation, with the post being liked and shared thousands of times through the social network. You see, Latrell is Higgins’ adopted son, and although the photo concept itself may be a bit unusual, many people are touched by the symbolism in the images.

Latrell was adopted by Higgins and her husband around two years ago, when he was just 10 years old. Last month, as Higgins was talking about an upcoming newborn photo shoot she had planned, Latrell expressed that he wished he had baby photos of himself.

That’s when the family came up with an idea: why not grant Latrell his wish by shooting portraits of him now in the style of baby photographs?

The next day, Higgins and Latrell visited the family’s photo studio and turned the idea into a reality. As the photos are becoming widely seen online, Higgins tells Today that she’s excited that they’re causing people to think and talk about the idea of adopting older children.

Thus, the photos are warm, humorous, and for a good cause.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Sam!

Image credits: Photographs by Kelli Higgins and used with permission

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  • Chris Newhall

    If by underexposed you mean that the story hasn’t gotten the exposure it deserves yet, then yes. If you mean that the picture is too dark, maybe you should turn up the brightness on your monitor. If you are being racist, go to hell.

  • Chaz

    or the lack of nudity

  • Lulu

    His username is redneckUSA. Judging by that, he’s being racist. Rednecks often seem to be ignorant :)

  • Sterling

    Being treated like a baby is every 13 year old’s wish, isn’t it?

  • Bob Honiker

    He will be the laughingstock of every class all the way through high school.

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  • Don’t be an asshat.

    Or maybe he was trying to be funny because in nearly all newborn photos, the infant is naked or close to it. Get a life and stop reading racism into things just because his username is redneckusa. One can in fact be a redneck and not racist.

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    That is so funny! Badass….

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    That doesn’t even make sense and it is far from funny. I know you can be a redneck and not be racist but where I’m from it greatly increases your chances.

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  • David Smith

    I found it hilarious as a spoof on the usually cliched infant photos done.

  • denise

    What a fun idea! These photos are beautiful, a great way to honor this child into the family. I love the photo with Latrell cozily wrapped in the bedsheet. I actually think these poses look more natural with an older child, than creepily posed newborns.

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