Grind Up Your Spices With This Camera Lens Manual Pepper Mill Grinder


Here’s another curious photography-related novelty item for those of you looking to fill your house with them (i.e. those of you who purchased the lens shaped vacuum cleaner and lens-shaped humidifier that we featured recently): it’s a lens shaped pepper mill.

It’s a manual burr grinder, so you simply fill it with your favorite peppercorn and then turn the twist the focus ring on the lens body in order to grind it into powdered pepper.

The bottom lens cap of the lightweight plastic grinder serves as a cover when it’s not in use, and the front element pops off when you need to refill it. Here are a couple of product shots by CoolStuffExpress that show the individual components:


You can even adjust the size of the resulting powder: twisting a ring on the lens will allow you to choose between coarse and fine ground pepper!

Can’t wait to pick one up? These grinders are selling for selling for $19 each over on Amazon.

  • Mansgame

    Love it!

  • Nate Matos

    Please… enough with the novelty photo equipment. For the love of god I can’t take any more generic products designed to look like a lens.

  • James

    Don’t stick this on your DSLR by accident or you might wind up with some hot pixels.

  • 11

    hipsters do this add noise to the image.

  • Pete

    Would’ve been even better if you could set the grinding size (fine-coarse) by twisting the aperture ring.

  • Orlando 林安徒生 Andersson