Lomo-Copter: Analog Aerial Photos with a Diana F+ Mounted to a Tricopter


What do you get when you combine a Lomography Diana F+ camera with a remote controlled Tricopter? Answer: the Lomo-Copter!

It’s what the clever folks over at FliteTest recently built, giving them a unique way to capture lo-fi analog aerial photos.


The Diana F+ ordinarily exposes 120 film, but it can be coupled with a back that turns it into an instant camera that exposes Fuji Instax Mini film.

What’s very neat about the Lomo-Copter is that it has a first-person-view camera attached to the Diana’s viewfinder.


This means the photographer can use goggles to see exactly what the camera sees. Whenever a shot needs to be captured, he simply triggers a switch that presses down on the camera’s shutter. A separate control allows the copter to eject the instant photo while it’s still in mid-air.


Here’s a behind-the-scenes video that walks through the whole project:

Here are some of the photographs that they captured using the Lomo-Copter:



You can find a more detailed explanation of how the Lomo-Copter was built and additional photographs documenting the project over on FliteTest.

Image credits: Video and photographs by FliteTest and used with permission

  • D.G. Brown

    This is the world we live in that even the hipsters have drone technology ;-)

  • harumph

    So I dig through two links to find the set of actual in flight photos, only to find that there are only two or three, and the rest are shots of these dudes in their kitchen or undecipherable shots taken from the ground in the dark? This was obviously all about the process and nobody really cared about taking pictures at all.

  • uieLouAy

    So did they have to lower the camera back to the ground to wind the film after each photo?

  • Mehmet Kıvanç Özel

    You can’t get any more hipster than that

  • Burnin Biomass


  • mauritsfpv

    No, check there video. they could take 3 pictures.

  • Geoffrey Froment

    Burn it before its too late.