Flip Cap: A Screw-On Lens Cap That You Won’t Ever Lose Track Of

Lens caps are a great solution for protecting the front element of lenses when they’re not in use, but can be misplaced when you take them off. On the other hand, screw-on lens filters are a great solution for protecting the lens’ glass as well, but they introduce an additional layer of glass between your camera and the world. Is there a middle ground?

At the CP+ trade show in Japan, Kenko International is showing off a new product that aims to deliver the best of both worlds. It’s called the Flip Cap, and is a lens cap that screws on permanently, but flips out of the way when you’re using your camera.

As the video above by CNET Asia shows, the caps are screwed onto the lens filter threads on the front of lenses. When you need to take a shot, simply press a button on the side of the accessory, and the front of the cap will flip open, exposing your lens and allowing for an unobstructed shot.


The Flip Cap will be available in either boring ol’ black or with colorful interchangeable panels, priced at ¥2,300 ($25) and ¥3,300 ($36), respectively. It will initially be available for 49mm and 58mm lenses when it hits stores, but there’s no word yet on when that will be.

That is all. Let the cries of “First world photography problem!” begin.

Image credits: Screenshot thumbnails from video by CNET Asia

  • Mansgame

    What about the lenshood Kenko? What about the lens hood??

  • Keith D

    I’ll never understand why it is so hard for some people to keep track of their lens caps…

  • Mansgame

    In all honesty, the 14-24mm’s lens cap is easy to lose since it’s so big and doesn’t fit in the pocket of anybody not over 300 pounds.

  • Bill Bentley

    …………..or a filter? But this item is aimed at people who would never buy a hood or filter anyway.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Not a bad idea, I guess.

    I’ve no trouble keeping my lens cap, but keeping my pockets free of lint is another issue altogether.

  • Thanassi Karageorgiou

    I’m 6’3″, 200lbs (relatively skinny) and the cap for my 14-24 always goes in my jeans’ back pocket. never an issue.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Have been shooting for 30 years and I hate lens caps, esp for the L lenses. They wind up in pockets and then I have to fumble around trying to find it alongside my keys, wallet, memory or whatever, and switch them when switching lenses. They are a pain. And for whatever reason, I lose a lens cap on a shoot every year. Why do I lose them?? I don’t know..but I shoot every single day, and I think the more you use something, the more likely something will “happen”.

    Not saying this product is the answer…I would rather it was built into the lens, allowed filters and lens hoods….I know…magic.