Photographer Shoots Creepy Mug Shots by Sticking His Face in Snow


If you’re looking for a bizarre photo concept to try out, and live in a cold snowy environment, look no further than Yorkshire, UK-based photographer Oliver Turpin‘s Snow Portraits project. Turpin shot a series of self-portraits, but instead of photographing his real face, he captured photos of imprints of his face in snow.

After pressing his face into the snow for each imprint at night, Turpin was able to photograph the imprint by illuminating the snow from below. The resulting mugs are rather creepy and slightly reminiscent of the Shroud of Turin.






You can find higher-resolution versions of these photographs over in this Facebook gallery.

Image credits: Photographs by Oliver Turpin and used with permission

  • Samcornwell

    Very creative Oliver and excellently executed. How did you manage to ‘illuminate from behind’?

  • John R

    Well that’s new and thoroughly ‘would have thought that’?

  • Chris

    These might be shot with an infrared setup. I can imagine a glass table covered in snow with a camera mounted below it looking up. I just has that black and white “heat image” look going on.

  • Guy Incognito

    Interesting! I didn’t realize they were lit from behind, thought it was just inverted.

  • uh

    if these were really “illuminated from below” then why do all of these photos look totally normal when you invert them (invert screen with ctrl+alt+command+8)

  • muddyclouds


  • Jjjustinnn

    Cool! Never knew that you could invert the colors with hot-keys! :D

  • windriver

    Looks like the imprints were made on the snow on top of a glass patio table. Then the light was shone from below.

  • Wagner

    Simply shot into the hole from above and then inverted in Photoshop. This is not creepy.

  • Paul Puiia

    These are not inverted. They don’t invert normally in photoshop. The one with multiple faces is on an outdoor table. He had his flashes below the table, which had a very thin layer of snow on it.

  • Paul Puiia

    The snow seems to be on an outdoor table with a glass top and a think layer of snow on top of it. He put the flashes under the table.

  • ChronicleUK

    Hey Guys, no IR, no Inversions. Paul Puiia has it right, wireless flashes underneath a Glass topped table and about 15-20cm of snow. Shots taken at night, from above the table. The UK is forecast more snow this coming week, so hopefully I’ll have chance to do some more! would love to see other people’s if anyone has a go at it,

    [P.S: someone even clicked through my pages, found my number and texted me to find out how I did them!]

  • Emma Brabrook

    They don’t.

    Since when does snow turn dark grey like that when you make an imprint? There’s too much light bouncing around due to the fact it’s white to have many shadows in something so shallow as an imprint of a face.