Iran Government’s Strange Photos of the Monkey It Sent to Space


Earlier this week, Iran generated quite a bit of media attention after claiming that it had successfully sent a monkey to space and safely brought it back down to Earth. The tiny monkey was reportedly sent into sub-orbital space 75 miles above ground.

To prove its accomplishment, Iran distributed the above photograph of the monkey strapped into its little spaceship chair.

It’s a strange choice for an image that marks a landmark development in a country’s space program: the white balance is off, and the monkey doesn’t look too enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Aside from generating controversy for appearing inhumane, the state media’s official photographs are also drumming up a different kind of murmuring: various media outlets are suggesting that something is amiss.

Iran’s photos of the monkey captured before and after launch appear to show two different monkeys…


You can find a gallery of the official photographs here.

  • Mike

    I agree with you, science is a much better investment than war.

  • Mike

    $16.4 trillion sounds like quite a bit to me.

  • alyce

    why would you post this.. come on guys

  • Kaitlin Bledsoe

    The official website has taken down all images of the ‘before’ monkey. You can only see the after monkey now FYI.

  • gunman

    jsthejus, I don’t have to, it’s common sense. When were you born? yesterday?

  • Johannes Cawood

    It may be the same monkey. The photo on the right is rather blurry. In any event, who cares? We sent our first monkey into space 60 years ago while curing polio and eliminating small pox.

  • Tzctplus -

    They didn’t kill a monkey (or so they claim).

  • Tzctplus -

    Nope, you are acting like if the cold war never happened. That you can’t reason why Iran would like to appear as having its own space technology doesn’t speaks volumes for your reasoning powers.

  • whatever

    doesn’t iran have enough monkeys in their government? why not send one of them up instead of an innocent creature?

  • Jen Hanlon

    Appearing inhumane? If they are releasing such a photo and claiming it as their own, they are doing more than appearing inhumane. They are making a public statement that they don’t have a problem in strapping a monkey into a compartment with duct tape against it’s will. That’s more than appearance. it’s complete shite. In view of the way they treat their own people I’m surprised they went to the effort of purchasing a monkey for this experiment.

  • Carpe

    Sorry, was that Iran or the US, a subsidiary of China?