Fujifilm F900EXR Compact Claims Crown for World’s Fastest Autofocus


Fujifilm launched a number of new compact cameras this week. While most of them offer rather pedestrian improvements on older models, one of the models comes with a rather eye-catching claim: the new FinePix F900EXR is said to feature the world’s fastest autofocus system found in a digital camera.


The camera, called a “travel zoom” camera by Fujifilm, features a 16-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor inside a small body. Despite its small form factor, it still packs a Fujinon 20x optical zoom lens starting at 25mm (35mm equivalent) on the wide end and extending to 500mm on the telephoto side.

Fujifilm has continued its trend of focusing on speed. The camera can focus on a subject in as little as 0.05 seconds thanks to a new phase detection system that uses special new pixels on the camera’s sensor — the same system found in the new X20 and X100s.


The new X-Series cameras can focus in 0.06 seconds. This compact camera beats them by 0.01 seconds.

Fujifilm states that the F900EXR can automatically choose between Phase Detection and Contrast Detection AF based on what you’re pointing the camera at, optimizing how quickly it locks onto the subject.


Other facets of the camera’s speediness include a startup time of 1.1 seconds, a between-shot delay of 0.5 seconds, and a burst mode of 11 frames per second (for a maximum of 5 frames).

Unlike the X20, which features a 2/3-inch sensor, the F900EXR packs a smaller 1/2-inch one.

Additional features include wireless beaming of photos to smartphones and computers, Wi-Fi, HD video recording at 60fps (and phase detect AF), the option to shoot still photos during movie recording, filters for adding effects to your photos, multiple exposure photography, 360-degree panorama creation, film simulation modes, a 3-inch 920K dot LCD, full manual controls, and RAW shooting.

Color options include black, red, gold, and navy blue:


The F900EXR will hit store shelves in March for $400.

  • JOhn A

    Does fastest also mean “accurate”? ;-)

  • brandon

    so a 11 fps burst mode, for a max 5frames? maybe i’m just slow, but i don’t get it.

  • Utopia

    It’s important for the in camera HDR
    Lets you shoot handheld HDR

  • Persio Pucci

    I had just typed the same question. Did not get it either.

  • Andre

    Do you have to travel 100 miles to say that you are travelling at 100 miles per hour?

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Would “a burst mode of 5 frames per 0.454545455 seconds” have been any clearer for you?

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Looks good

  • Dan Donovan

    In other words, it can shoot a burst for about a half second. In that burst you will get 5 shots, If it could do a burst for 1 second, then you would get the 11 frames.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    “A new phase detection system that uses special new pixels”, well la-di-dah!

  • 3543535

    yeh well another PR lie.
    fastest AF for stationary objects maybe….

  • LUst66

    nikon has it … canon has it for a while.. what new?

  • Leo

    It can take 11 frames per second, but it only has buffer to hold 5 pictures.
    So it can capture those 5 frames in about half a second.

  • Steve

    I don’t like using a long zoom without a viewfinder. Not much point having fast focus if you can’t track the subject easily. And I don’t like the small sensor size.

  • Mansgame

    These “titles” are kind of BS. You still have to hold the camera in an awkward way with your thumb and index finger so whatever speed the camera may or may not have is negated by the wasted motions. On a D4/iDX, 5DIII/D800, etc nothing is wasted because your eye is on the viewfinder.

  • brandon

    you guys are funny.
    if you guys see nothing wrong with saying something can go 11fps, then saying how under no circumstances will it ever go 11fps, well…. tell yourself whatever you need to.
    how about we just say it’ll crank out 110 frames per 10sec, buffer limited to 5frames? or what about 1frame per 1/11th second, buffer limited to only shoot for 1/2 a second. At which point it’ll probably need to take a 5second break to empty the buffer into the card.

  • PaulJay

    Shouldve been on the X100… Fujifilm.