A Personal Darkroom Built Inside a New Backyard Shed


A number of years ago, England-based photographer Dave Miller wanted an at-home darkroom, but didn’t have the luxury of converting a spare room in his house into one. He did, however, have a nice garden area that wasn’t being used, so he decided to upgrade the grassy area with a shed — a darkroom shed.

After clearing away the grass, digging a crater into the area with some heavy machinery, Miller paved the area and erected a 12×10-foot shed.


Miller then spent a good deal of time, money, and energy turning the insides into a proper darkroom, with plenty of electrical sockets, a long fiberglass sink, a chemical cupbord, a fridge/freezer area, a fan that circulates air, two 15W Ilford safelights, and all the other standard photographic equipment found in your typical darkroom.





You can find a lengthier walkthrough of Miller’s construction process and more photographs documenting it over on the Film and Darkroom User forums.

Converting a garden shed into a darkroom [FADU via Imaging Resource]

Image credits: Photographs by Dave Miller

  • KH

    Very nice. One day maybe!

  • Bimma

    Bloody ell. That looks amazing. I want one.

  • Sid Ceaser

    Absolutely beautiful.
    My dream is to buy a house with land on it to build my own photography studio for shooting and developing. This is inspiring.

  • Lee

    Now… he can probably start a business converting shed to darkroom for people…:D

  • Dave Vaughan

    Thats pretty dam cool and looks like a good use of space inside too!

  • Sean Lucky

    So jealous.

  • Spike Thompson

    When youve spent 30 or more years in a darkroom like I have you appreciate digital

  • Caitlyn Chapman

    gimme gimme gimme

  • Ken Elliott

    When you’ve spent 30 years behind a monitor, you can appreciate the fun of a darkroom. For some, computers are old stuff, and film is new.

    But I’m glad I get to use the darkroom when I want to, not because I have to.



  • Perceptivelight

    Sheer luxury my own first darkroom was an unused outside toilet !

  • Laurent Laborde

    i hope he will remove this light on top of the enlarger. look like a fluorescent light, they still emit light when swiched off. (i have close to no experience in analog photo lab, but i know that because the lab we used had this problem and we had to wrap the lamp in a black textile)

  • Eziz

    Spot on!

  • fast eddie

    That is pretty darn sweet. I wanted to turn my bathroom into a darkroom when I was in highschool, but my dad wouldn’t let me.

    I have a 10ft x 12ft shed on my property, but I’m going to turn it into a woodworking shop so I can build things for my house (rennovating the walk-in closet, a new deck for the backyard, etc.). My mini studio is in a finished room in the basement, and I’m still trying to convince my wife to let me turn our spare bedroom into an art/drawing room but that’s a battle I don’t think I’ll ever win.