A 360-Degree Panoramic Photo Captured from the Tallest Building on Earth


Have you always wanted to see what the world looks like from the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest manmade structure in the world? Dubai, UAE-based photographer Gerald Donovan was recently given the opportunity of shooting a photograph from the peak of the massive skyscraper. Not just any ol’ photograph, mind you, but an immersive 360-degree panorama that makes you feel like you’re actually there!

For a peek at how massive and immersive the photograph is, check out this 53-second video that gives a brief tour of the image:

The 2.5-gigapixel photograph was stitched together using 70-individual photographs. 48 of them were 80-megapixel photographs captured with the help of a robotic panoramic tripod. The rest were shot manually by Donovan to fill in areas that the other panoramas missed. (Some of the gaps were caused by features and equipment on the skyscraper itself, which blocked the camera’s view).

The resulting photograph shows the entire region and most of Dubai’s world-famous landmarks.

Want to enjoy the interactive 360-degree panorama for yourself? Click the image below to view it!


At a whopping 2,722 feet above the ground, the camera is able to capture the curvature of the Earth!

The Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Panorama (via Gizmodo)

  • Katie Mullins

    oh my God!

  • Feroz Khan

    Curvature of the earth. Can’t believe you stuck that in that

  • Michael Zhang
  • KH

    Quality-wise, I think it looks terrible.

  • Jake

    I can’t believe you just said “stuck that in that.”

  • Joe Person

    Maybe you should upgrade your crappy monitor/laptop.

  • Bua

    Wow. NIce!

  • MMielech

    When I rented a house on the Outer Banks a few years ago (on the bay side), I could see the “curvature of the Earth!” from the third floor deck. Big whoop.

    Why in the world is such a silly building sitting in such a useless place? Is it full? I doubt it.

  • Banan Tarr

    It is pretty close to full, yes. I’ve been there.

  • Bob

    Same reason people climb mountains. Because it is there and they can.

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  • lidocaineus

    Maybe he thinks it looks terrible because it looks like a half-assed HDR attempt. And he’d be right.