Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ to Photo Geeks Like This Chocolate DSLR


You’ve probably seen chocolate-colored DSLR cameras before, but have you ever seen DSLR-shaped chocolate? The camera above was created by San Francisco-based Etsy seller Hans Chung as a gift for his friends and family. It’s a highly detailed solid chocolate replica of a Canon D60 that has a battery grip attached.

Chung carefully created his own custom mold, and has used it to create three of the chocolates so far (one of which has been eaten already).


He’s planning to only create 5 more of the coco-cams as a limited edition run. Each one will be made with the chocolate of the customer’s choice from the Guittard Chocolate Company product line.


Once an order is placed, production takes one week and the camera is then shipped to the customer via FedEx standard overnight shipping. It arrives wrapped in plastic, surrounded by a gel ice pack, and displayed in a clear acrylic box.

Live in San Francisco? You can pick up yours in person.


Chung notes that the camera comes body and grip only. Chocolate SD cards, batteries, lens caps, and straps are not included in the sale.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If your significant other (or the person you hope will become your significant other) is a photography geek, perhaps you should consider handing them one of these chocolate DSLRs rather than a boring ol’ chocolate heart.

Oh, and by the way: each of the cameras costs a cool $500 — about the price of some real DSLRs.

Limited Edition Solid Chocolate Canon D60 (with battery grip) [Etsy]

  • Samcornwell

    Quite frankly, if my wife bought this home I’d be offended at the choice of lens.

  • Syuaip

    my dear, if you read this, get me a real 60D instead. i love you.

  • destroy_all_humans

    sorry but i dont eat canons, only nikons

  • Sum_it

    WHAT?!! Once you have the mold made, you can just keep making them (till the mold starts to fall apart). The price is outrageous! Someone have a non functioning DSLR? I’ll make one for ya for $50!

  • Sum_it

    You, sir, are my hero of the day!

  • Rebecca Glesener Davis

    Think I’ll stick to the real thing…less fattening, too.

  • John Morris

    This looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Canon 60D ≠ D60 !

  • Dog Photographer


  • Dog Photographer

    Can’t you make a small mirror-less camera, like the Fuji X-E1 instead? I’m on a diet. LOL!

  • Dog Photographer

    Yeah, Nikons taste better. I’m right with ya on that.

  • niXerKG

    $500?? I don’t shoot toy cameras but that is silly. I mean there seems to be body problems. Some cracks. I don’t think that’s the original LCD and the battery grip looks 3rd party. Needs new rubber, new paint. I think there is a crack around the view finder too. Also the lens looks to have significant damage. I bet you it has dust in there too. Total rip off!

  • Chris McLaughlin

    $500 and it doesn’t look near perfect with no cracks in it? Either make a better product or don’t take pictures of a reject model to show case your work…

  • Mike

    Do the same with a Lunar.

    Sell for 6500$.

  • Plan 9 From Dana

    I tried to put a camera strap on this but the mount broke right off. Although it was delicious, I’d recommend against buying this cheaply made product.

  • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

    Why Nikon? Does Nikon still exist? They didn’t have enough money to make a chocolate Canon? )

  • Johan Robertsson

    It’s a D60 not a 60D jesus, get your facts straight. Not many people know canon had a D60 model before the 10D

  • Caca Milis

    Camera arrives, laminate flooring inside. damn.

  • Ian Lindo

    It is a 60D though, what are you raging about?

  • Candice Sedighan

    These are pretty cool, but $500? lol I’ll take a used (and real) Canon 5D instead.

  • Johan Robertsson

    Lol no it’s not a 60D, it’s a D60, 60D uses SD cards not CF cards like the one shown above. Also no D60 was the last one to have the large AF illumination lamp. Just go to wikipedia and look at some pictures before proclaiming things.

  • Werner

    A Italian shop (wine and choclate) in our town offers almost any stuff in that way. They also offer a custom service, e.g. you can bring in your [insert brand] camera and they will sent it to Italy and get the choc version back. Okay, you may not want to give them your precious gear for the risk of damage, and that is what may explain the price tag here. Our local shop is less pricey and the parts look much better.
    Greetings from Europe.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Epic win.

  • Mansgame

    How much more chocolate would it have taken to make it a 1DX and a decent L lens?

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing this out, Johan!

  • Marschal A. Fazio

    Funny I got a D60 a couple years back for $300 on ebay. Now its worth about half that crazy the chocolate is a lot more than the real thing.

  • Dave

    If you want to charge $500 for this, you need to learn to work with chocolate. I am not just talking about the cracks and areas that were not filled in, but the chocolate has a bloom on it (cloudy looking area). This is caused by either unregulated temperature conditions or too much moisture. And make it in dark chocolate or GTFO.

  • Fred

    I like it but can you do ti with a 600mm L lens?

  • Ralph Hightower

    Can I commission a Canon A-1 with MA Motor Drive?

  • Hans Chung

    Sorry Ralph, I opportunistically make molds of items that are given to me with no expectation of the item being recoverable.

  • Hans Chung

    Hi Fred, sorry. I could probably do it with just the L lens but without the camera body. I’d need to do higher volume and a different mold material to make it more affordable and widely available.

  • Hans Chung

    Mike, will you lend me yours?

  • Hans Chung

    maybe you put the wrong SD card in it?

  • Hans Chung

    Thanks for the feedback Chris. I’m just getting used to chocolate making and using tempering machines.

  • Hans Chung

    sorry Sam. I had to pick a lens that didn’t contour too much. The mold material stuck to the lens to strongly to all the surface variations that it tore the lens assembly apart (no broken glass).

  • Hans Chung

    sarcasm appreciated!

  • Hans Chung

    then i will outsource production to you.

  • Hans Chung

    thanks John!

  • Hans Chung

    Thanks Leonardo

  • Hans Chung

    I would not have known the difference either. I shot this with a Sony Nex-5

  • Hans Chung

    Taste better, but more calories.

  • Hans Chung

    Maybe 3 pounds more. I tried getting my hands on a 1DX, but had to settle for this.

  • Hans Chung

    Nienke, I’m actually too stupid to figure out how to do a hollow mold with this level of detail. I’m not being sarcastic. I’d rather do a hollow version because tempering this much chocolate takes way too much time.

  • CGL

    Unless you’re a Nikon user, LOL!

  • Suranga Date

    With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Canon D60, how do I eat thee,
    Let me count the ways……

    I love thee to the depth
    and breadth and height,
    My tongue can reach thee,
    when feeling hungry in the night

    I love thee to the level
    of everyday’s most hungry need,
    by sun, and lamplight

    I must eat thee, as is my right,
    I love thee purely, singing thy praise,

    I love thee more, as a piece of the Flash,
    Or Focussing circles, cut fine into sweet discs.

    Melting into the click button,
    I stand atop a cake to Click.

    Smiles, tears, in the Sunlight,
    and the cake gets a free chocolate icing,
    as I dissolve…….

  • Hans Chung

    Thank you for this

  • Rita Loos

    Hi Hans, although I do not have the finances for this gift, I want to say your camera is amazing!

  • Rita Loos


  • Ellen K.

    “Chung notes that the camera comes body and grip only. Chocolate SD
    cards, batteries, lens caps, and straps are not included in the sale.” He forgets to mention the lens, which is detachable and thus separate from the body.

  • Chocolate Dave

    I am a candymaker and this piece is somewhat out of temper. Some of the details are excellent but execution did suffer in the moldmaking and filling process. For filling the mold I would suggest a Wagner Power painter. Buy it new, and use chocolate at about 95 degrees F. For some reason spraying in this manner through the sprayer will properly temper the chocolate and you will get a good finish. This technique would work well with a two piece mold. Keep a fan blowing about 70 degrees on the mold to cool it properly. and spray the mold cavity to build layers in perfect temper. It will take several filling and cooling cycles, but for $500 I’d say you could spend a little time on the piece to get it perfect. You will have a hollow finished piece but could finish filling it through the base without changing the appearance.