Fashion for Photogs: ‘Crop It Like It’s Hot’ T-Shirt and Earrings


If you seriously want to nerd out in the area of photography-related fashion, check out this T-shirt by The Unrefinery. It’s titled “Crop It,” and is available for $24.

You can even get a matching set of white dangle earrings. They cost $10 a pair, feature the same crop symbol, and are laser cut out of white acrylic and hung on simple fishhook style hardware.


If you’re for some reason obsessed with the concept of cropping, you can also show your enthusiasm with a $3 round pinback button or a $2 white vinyl decal of the symbol.

The other two photography-related T-shirts and earrings in the Unrefinery store feature a simple camera icon:



One of our most popular posts back in 2009 was a roundup of creative and/or humorous photography-related T-shirts. Be sure to also check that post out if you’re in search of items to add to your closet this year.

  • muddyclouds

    I usually just crop the crap away..

  • muddyclouds

    But I like the t-shirt way of seeing it better. Is the glas half full or half empty?

  • harumph

    “If you’re for some reason obsessed with the concept of cropping…”

    That about says it all right there. Are there cropping enthusiasts out there that I don’t know about? I’ve known lots of photographers who are opposed to cropping, but none that actually take some sort of pride in cropping.

    Also, I hate when somebody takes a pop culture reference (drop it like it’s hot) and then removes it from it’s original context just enough to erase all meaning from the phrase. A play on words is only clever if the twist makes at least a little bit of sense.

  • John R

    I thought it was ‘crop it till it bleeds’

  • #payphoneography

    …. crop it like it’s hot

  • Antonio Carrasco

    I will get this and a photographer’s vest and then everyone will know I’m a “serious photographer”!!!