Apple Removes 500px App from the App Store Over the Issue of Artistic Nudity


If you were planning to install 500px’s popular photo sharing app on your iPhone or iPad today, you’re out of luck. The app was abruptly yanked from the iTunes App Store earlier today over the fact that users can search for photos showing artistic nudity.

500px co-founder Evgeny Tchebotarev tells us that the situation started last night after the company received a call from Apple, informing them that their latest version 2.0.3 update could not be approved due to the reason stated above.

Although the company promised a fix within the next day, Apple sent an email an hour later informing the company that the app would be pulled entirely. It made good on its word at around 10am-12pm EST today.

This is what you'll see now when you try to pull up the 500px app in iTunes

This is what you’ll see now when you try to pull up the 500px app in iTunes

500px is currently working to modify its backend to minimize the number of artistic nudes that can be searched for. This change will affect both future 500px app versions and 3rd party apps that use the company’s API. Tchebotarev tells us,

We are always working on better filtering, and before the change, any new account was ‘safe’ by default. The only switch we had was on the site (so that if you are fine with nude, you can enable it). Along with that, we would filter all nude photos by marking them appropriately — with help of community (there’s a report button on the web, and we get hundreds of reports a day) and customer support. In addition, we don’t allow pornographic or violent content, so such content is completely removed from the web (and Apps, of course).

The 500px app had been quite popular prior to its removal, amassing nearly 1 million downloads over the past 16 months and 80M page views per day.

Tchebotarev says his company wants to maintain a “good relationship” with Apple, but expressed frustration over the App Store’s review process, calling it “strangely erratic.”

After all, the app had been approved and available for over a year prior to this development, and has been progressively stricter and stricter with its nudity filters over time.

  • Tommy Sar

    Darn! How else will I find nudity on my iPhone?! If only I could visit websites….

  • junyo

    And this, in a nutshell, is why I don’t buy Apple products. I have a mother, thanks.

  • Richard Ussery


  • Trausti Hraunfjörð

    Apple, the real Big Brother hard at work

  • Roger Coelho

    Apple will get a lot of negative press on this decision. I bet they will wise up and let 500px back into the App Store soon. That said, who are they to tell their customers what is morally right and wrong? Add a filter to the app on the website that lets people decide how low they want to go (or how low they let their children go), but make it a choice an adult can make on their own.

    For the record… I own an Android phone. And will never choose Apple because of this type of crap.

  • Mansgame

    But Apple just works! J/K Those Samsung commercials showing parents getting Apple products really is true though. I see more and more older people who get them while younger people who know what they want getting Android or Windows 8 phone.

  • mariobourque

    That makes that decision easy. Hello Android tablet.

  • Michael Rasmussen

    In related news all Web browsers are also being pulled from iTunes because users can find nudity on the internet.

  • Chris Pearson

    If you go on Flickr and search and sort correctly there’s strong pornography to be found with in under half a dozen clicks if you have the correct view settings. This makes the artistic nudes on 500px look like nothing.

    I am sure you could find it on the flickr app if you tried. Yet the flickr app is fine? Both have filter mechanisms in place you have to turn off to see this stuff yet only 500px is pulled?

  • Stan

    I have an iPad mini but I agree with Roger. Next thing you know, Apple will implement body part recognition into the Camera app because you never know what it’s going to be used for… right?

  • Tim

    What a laugh, have they seen the kind of porn you can get on Pinterest, now that’s hardcore, 500px is nothing compared to it. So Apple seriously wise up

  • Andres Trujillo

    in unrelated news, the Flickr app has been yanked from apple’s app store

  • mrbeard

    If your choosing not to buy an apple product because you cant see nude girls, you’d be better spending your money on actual nude girls

  • Vangelis

    This is actually great free advertising for 500px, an app I had never heard of before.

  • Chris Pearson

    Flickr is still there in the UK store. As is a 3rd Party 500px app which seems stupid seeing as it uses the same backend. No official app however.

  • Peter Hainzl

    But generously our kids can install violent games from Apple app store. This hypocrisy is unbearable.

  • alskdf

    Because a company is cutting an app that readily shows nudity? Apple products have nothing to do with the App store and what they allow. Those are two separate entities of the same company. You can go ahead and forgo working products (I’d kill myself if I had to have another POS android) and use some idiotic excuse to not buy from a company.

  • casey

    haha i wonder if they’re aware of the straight up pornography you can find on the flickr apps

  • Leif

    What I don’t like is the part about the API changes. If the result is that the API gets censored in general, doesn’t matter which device is used, then 500px is going a bad way as well.

  • Adam Sparkes

    Good thing I can’t find any naked ladies on Safari …

  • Dirty Dan

    For great porn try Flickr! Whooops jizzed again Lol!

  • ADAM

    Didn’t a naked Eve eat an apple?

  • Enid pickles

    Im old and I use Android.pardon?

  • [email protected]

    Apple anagram of twats! OK im a little dyslexic

  • Pete

    I did, when i went to Africa.bagged a couple!

  • John

    Apple are heading for a fall… morons!!

  • John

    iTunes should be pulled from iTunes, as nudity (and violence) can be found in “normal” hollywood-movies!

  • John

    I’ll call when I want a multibillion corporate to tell me what to do….

  • Michael Rasmussen

    That’s a great reputation for Apple to have.
    Your Reality May Differ.

  • ime002

    Apple products require that your apps be acquired through the App store. The decision to buy an Apple product implies a decision to accept the limitations of the App Store. Given that the trend for Apple is to make it more and more difficult to do anything with their products other than run apps acquired through the App Store, it seems wisest to forego the putative advantages of Apple hardware, since it is useless without Apple-approved software, and there is no recourse when Apple chooses to discontinue whatever software you thought you would be using, despite you having paid for it.

  • John doe

    Thanks for looking out for me Apple, now can you control the internet too. Apple is lame.

    Android rules.

  • really?


  • urownexperience

    Nothing wrong with drooling over semi-automatic weapons,, but a human body? No, no. What a ucked up country.

  • Ari Lee

    I have iPad 4 and Nexus 7. While iPad has admittedly better hardware its software restrictions are so severe that I practically stopped using it. With Nexus and $2 OTG cable I can use regular USB keyboards, mice, flash drives, hard drives, you name it, no such luck with iPad – everything is prohibitively restrictive and expensive.

  • cicak dingding

    there’s nudity on 500px? bookmarked!

  • Nudist

    If you care about nudity, don’t buy Apple!

  • Neptune Rockefeller

    The apple must still be feeling guilty about that Garden Of Eden thing, this is certainly a great way to make the apple less tempting.

  • Christopher King

    I guess this means that Apple frowns on all those Renaissance nude paintings and statues

  • AlexisZ

    Who — or what — the hell does Apple think it is? It is presumptuous — no it is beyond galling that this company thinks it has the right to censor — the right to decide what I can or cannot look at.

  • Gustavo RQ Ramirez

    hahaha Sorry Steve Jobs, your executives they are all a bunch of Jerks, say good bye to your company. rest in peace

  • Albi Kl

    But still young at heart.

  • Martin Barber

    i’m an artist and i’ve had this before with photobucket online.. I draw and paint nudes, and photobucket refused to show my work, funny they show classic art nudes by famous artists.. we amateurs tho get pulled..

  • Tim Burton

    Sorry guys and girls – Steve says no (from the grave) to boobs and bums.

  • dolan

    what about tumblr? you can search infinity nudity there…why don’t they throw it?

  • Ivan Stamato

    “Think Different”. Oh wait..

  • Raymond Larose

    Been an Apple nut since 1984 and always try to find the silver lining – but have to say, they are slipping from grace with stuff like this and I just can’t defend them anymore. No artistic nudes, but apps that allow you to read pornographic text (Kindle app, etc to read 50 Shades of Gray or the Bible) are just fine.

  • Neville Ross

    How many games is the violence in, though?

  • Gary Martin

    What a pity..This app is fantastic..Beautifully made on the iPhone and the iPad. Really a joy to use.

  • Scott Coley

    Apple – comes from the land of the free right?… what’s that saying freedom of sp….

  • Ron

    Another Apple FUBAR situation. No wonder their share price is dropping. Soon even the most raving fanboy/girl of Apple will be hard pressed to support them. Bad timing with Windows waiting in the mobile wings and Android vastly dominant in the mobile market.

    Bring back Zombie Steve Jobs….