Artist Creates Camera Sculptures Out of Plaster, Glass, Stone, and Sand


Artist Daniel Arsham has an exhibition at Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop Museum called Reach Ruin, which includes hundreds of cameras sculptures created out of plaster, glass, stone, and sand.

Pete Brook over at Wired’s Raw File writes that the exhibition causes one to question the camera’s form over function. That is, how much of our fascination with cameras comes from the way they look and feel in the hand rather than what they are capable of producing?







In addition to Arsham’s three dimensional sculptures, the show also features some of his four dimensional work. As a performance art piece, one of his works features dancers drawing on the ground with plaster cameras.


The show will run through mid-March 2013. You can find more of Arsham’s work over on his website and through OHWOW Gallery Los Angeles. Wired has also published some of Arsham’s thoughts on his work.

Image credits: Photographs by Daniel Arsham/OHWOW Gallery Los Angeles

  • James

    I was looking for a D600 in there – at least here it would have an excuse for dirt on the sensor.

  • bgrady413

    I ……um….. don’t get it? What exactly is this for? I really don’t get it. My mind now hurts.

  • DamianM

    Pretentious anyone?

    Its actually kind of ridiculous.

    Pretty bad.

    its not that i dont understand it ( I do), its just bad

  • Remi Carreiro

    the lead shot makes me think its made of Hershey’s cookies’n’creme