Instagram Version One Filters Recreated as Lightroom Presets


We’ve featured Instagram-inspired presets for Lightroom in the past, and today a new challenger has emerged. The folks over at Really Nice Images has released a couple of preset packs that are designed to faithfully imitate the look of Instagram’s popular filters. What’s unique about this new offering is that the presets aren’t limited to the latest version of the mobile app’s filters — there’s also a pack containing the classic filters that were replaced after Instagram Version 2 came out.

Legal trademark issues aside — Instagram doesn’t like its name being lightly tossed around and attached to 3rd party products — the new presets appear to be pretty accurate in their looks. The company says that each one was “back-engineered by a group of digital imaging professionals.” It writes,

Another Instagram presets for Lightroom? Not really. What makes it so special? Two things: We created the first and the only one product in the world emulating not only the latest Instagram filters but also those from Instagram v.1.0. So we offer both: the true spirit of old filters and the most up to date look of new ones. Which set to use? It’s up to customer. Approach and precision. We use our unique colour/tone matching technology to achieve the best matching result.

Here’s a glimpse at the presets in the Version 1 pack:



…and the filters in the Version 2 pack:



The Version 1 and Version 2 packs come with 16 and 17 presets, respectively, and each cost $20 if purchased separately. You can also purchase both of them together for $30.

We’re guessing Instagram won’t be too happy with the fact that its trademark is all over these new presets, but luckily for Really Nice Images, any legal trouble can possibly be avoided by simply removing all the trademarked company and filter names.

(via Really Nice Images via The Phoblographer)

  • David Portass

    So all that money spent on a good camera, lenses, computer and lightroom just to buy a $20 filter pack that makes your good photos look like they were taken on a phone?

  • Here was Tom


  • Kay O. Sweaver

    Or you could just learn to actually use Lightroom instead.

  • hogepodge

    So, I can take a guess at how this was done. I disassembled a popular “retro” camera app bundle once (before they started encrypting it), and came across what can only be described as recipes for their lenses, films, and flashes. These recipes included overlay files, as well as photoshop-style filters. It was relatively easy to rebuild the filters in Quartz Composer and apply them to any image I wanted.

    It’s not much of a stretch to read “back-engineered by a group of digital imaging professionals” as doing the same thing I did for my personal curiosity.

  • Fred_photo

    Lovely ones.
    Looks like smbdy found Instagram’s secret sauce

  • Fred_photo

    Do you know then if there a way to apply texture to photo in Lightroom?

  • Patrick Wong

    I did a test and there were a few that looked pretty close. But a lot of them were pretty off. Here’s a picture of few that I tested. The ones on the left are the genuine Instagram and the pic shows you the ones that don’t look alike and ones that kind of do.

    I don’t think they really “backengineered” it. I think they just tried to imitate it as close as they can.

  • Katy Lam

    I don’t mind, looks very similar to me.
    Actually it’s a very good matching for Lightroom. Last year I bought some IG presets from lightgram(dot)com for one of my project and now it looks these presets are the waaay better.

  • Dan Lee

    A bit difference I see but in overall it’s a good presets. Lightroom cannot apply texture or gradient tint to the photo and it’s what Instagram does. Also Lightroom is limited in the way you can edit colours. Once I tried to match X-Pro and it turned into a total pain. So here we see a really impressive result, trust me.

  • harumph

    Your comment eliminates the original intent of the filters, which I suppose means that the technological shift is now complete in the minds of the public. Filters meant to recreate the look of Lomo/Holga film cameras on cell phone cameras are now thought of as filters that are meant to recreate the look of a cell phone photo.

  • Fred

    Hello, disappointed by its filters. A large part of the filter is unstable version 3 is still with the old process of Lightroom (exposure – light)

  • Ivy

    Amazatron! Thanks.
    Real pleasure to have the old version of their filters.

  • orchid1soft

    Not quite on the mark.

  • George Cox

    Quite cool. Thanks for the link. I would especially recommend their film presets. Sometimes it’s better than vsсо.

  • Sanna Borjeson

    Fantastic! Thanks!