Canon Launches Its First Image Square “Experience Center” in Canada


As rumors predicted earlier this month, Canon has launched the first of a series of Image Square showrooms in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These “Experience Centers” are brick-and-mortar locations where customers can try out the latest and greatest Canon products in a friendly and helpful environment.

The large 6,600-square-foot space is specifically geared for trying before buying — it doesn’t actually offer products for purchase. Instead, the staff members will suggest authorized local retailers and ways of buying direct from Canon (just not in the showroom itself).


Just like Apple is doing with its now-iconic retail outlets, Canon’s Image Square showrooms will contain a group of staff on hand that answer visitors’ questions and various “exhibits” scattered across the room (including DSLR cameras and all kinds of lenses).

There will also be a large touchscreen media wall where visitors can interact with the images they create, a photography studio outfitted with Canon gear and software, and a classroom-style learning space (for seminars, demos, classes, and presentations).


One of the more interesting features is a photo gallery area that’s curated by one of the up-and-coming photo sharing services: 500px. The young Canadian startup will be using the gallery to feature the works of Alberta-based photographers who shoot with Canon gear.

If you’d like a Canon Experience Center in your own neighborhood, just sit tight: this Calgary space is simply the first of many that Canon is planning to launch around the world.

  • Greg Schmidt


  • Alex Szecsi

    How do I experience the filed results and a 7 days long alaska trip in constant -15 celsius?!!!!

  • Tris Cole

    Sounds like a great idea …and having just been made redundant by Jessops would love to come and work with you!!!

  • herb derbder

    Buy some gear.

  • anonymouse

    canon and apple has always had their little secrets with each other…

  • jk

    Canada gets something first for once! Too bad it’s not closer to home like Ottawa or Toronto

  • washtubwithstickandstring

    In canada it’s “Centre” not “Center”. We use the british spellings as in Theatre. Although we still pronounce butter and water with a “d”

  • Keith D

    I wonder how long Canon will keep this going with no revenue being generated from them. I don’t see them lasting very long.

  • Brett Ford

    i don’t understand the logic behind not selling the products in the “store”???

  • Lionel Fiel

    I think this is a great move on CANON’s part. I’ve worked in a retail brick and mortar store where either the demos either are not working because the power adapters have not come in, or the staff is just unsure and improperly trained and give out BS information to make sales, and in some cases demos are damaged because parents refuse to watch their children. At least with a CANON center you’d be able to see and test products without having to rent them first (although renting is a great option) and the staff would be knowledgeable about their products since it would only be CANON products.