Nikon Now Sells Select Repair Parts Direct to Consumers Online


A year ago, Nikon caused a big stir when the company stopped making repair parts available to independent repair shops. As a result, getting your Nikon fixed became more expensive and cumbersome, requiring you to send it out to an “authorized repair facility” or get your parts second-hand off eBay.

The good news is that now, in a half-hearted step back, Nikon has started selling select (read: extremely limited) repair parts direct to consumers online through the Nikon Parts Store.

Be forewarned, the selection isn’t great. Depending on your camera model you’ll be choosing from any mix of replacement grips, covers, caps, battery and memory card doors, and name plate decals.

But something is better than nothing and, hopefully, this will be a step towards a fully stocked store that you or your local repair shop can hit up when your Nikon needs a basic fix. True, it’s unlikely the store will ever feature any parts that go inside your camera, but at least you’re no longer stuck sending off your D5100 just because the battery door broke.

  • Chris

    This would be cool…. if you didn’t have to buy 10 of each item…. minimum.

  • Chris

    My bad… that’s MAXIMUM. LOL. I wonder whats up with the ordering limits.

  • tonyjarrets

    You be crazy dawg. I aint seen no minimum ordering.

  • monteraz

    The selection of parts and cameras is ridiculous. You can find the rubber grips and other no mechanical parts elsewhere in ebay, and there is not listed anything really important.

  • agour

    I know canon offer parts direct to the consumer, albeit you had to find the right number. I bet it was the same with nikon before the fancy website