Yahoo! Image Search Now Helps You Dig Through All of Flickr Creative Commons


We’re used to Google frequently improving things on its end — most recently adding pan and zoom to Google+ — but a constantly improving Yahoo! is a fairly new thing.

After numerous improvements to Flickr and a new Flickr app, Yahoo! has turned its photographic eye on Yahoo! Image Search. From here on out, you’ll be able to search all of Flickr’s creative commons images straight from Yahoo!


All you have to do is type in your search and click “Labeled for Reuse” over in the sidebar. Once the photos are pulled up, you can hover over them for more details or click on them to see a blown up version.

To check what specific restrictions the photographer has placed on the photo, all you have to do is click the “attribution” link. To see more from the same author, click on the “i” to check their entire photostream.


And if you prefer to do your browsing on a tablet or other mobile device, Yahoo! has you covered there as well. It looks like the Yahoo! renaissance continues.

Hopefully, the new system will lead to improved visibility for all those Flickr photographers kind enough to share their images for free.

Yahoo! Image Search – now with Flickr photos [Yahoo! Search Blog]

  • Mick Orlosky

    That is pretty cool. Though, I wonder if it will lead to an uptick of people using Creative Commons images without understanding what CC is. For many people, they think CC=free. Period. And they don’t need to credit, link, and that they can use it on their blog next to an ad for a casino or selling protein supplements. The Yahoo Image Search, when searching for images “Labeled for Reuse” brings up plenty of photos that are CC-licensed as “Noncommercial” which means the right to use it on a for-profit blog is not granted. (Note, too that if someone is running a blog on a host that makes money from ads on that specific page even if the blogger themselves doesn’t make money, then noncommercial restrictions still apply.) I would like it if Yahoo made more of a distinction between the different flavors of CC license, and made more of an effort to help people find images that actually are suitable for what they want to use those images for.

  • ed g.

    I can hardly believe this, but I think Yahoo actually did the right thing. If you search for “varied thush central park” the first result is one of my photos that is cc-by-sa-nc. It disappears when you add “labeled for reuse”. In fact , there are only two results left then, and both are “attribution” licenses suitable for commercial use.