Jessops to Close All Stores, Putting 1,370 People Out of a Job


A couple of days ago, UK camera retailer Jessops entered administration (essentially bankruptcy), appointing PricewaterhouseCoopers as their administrator and putting them in charge of the store’s fate.

At the time, no official next step had been laid out as over a thousand employees waited to hear if administration would translate into “liquidation” or “restructuring.” Sadly, it seems the former was the choice, as BBC News is reporting today that Jessops will indeed close up shop, putting nearly 1,400 people out of a job.

At the end of trading today, all 187 Jessops stores still open will officially close their doors, with no intention of opening them up the following morning.

Apparently, the downhill slope started after subpar Christmas as relations with lenders and suppliers broke down. Once PricewaterhouseCoopers took the reigns, the first thing they did was to get in touch with suppliers and see what kind of support they could garner. The results, as you might have guessed, weren’t great.

Rob Hunt, joint administrator at PwC, called the decision “a horrible end to a very intensive couple of days.” He explained that all Jessops stock would be moved to a central warehouse and returned to suppliers, adding that the company would continue to ensure that employees are paid as they assist with the closure process.

(via BBC News)

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  • Cynical Bloke

    What did they expect when most of what they sell can be bought elsewhere.

  • Duke Shin

    …for cheaper and with better service.

  • nab111

    …from the comfort of your own house.

  • Bob

    What a pointless comment. It’s a retail store not a manufacturer, of course they sell stuff that other stores sell! Also it’s a high street store & web based second & that’s the reason for going under, massive overheads having massive business rates & the rest. This is the beginning of the death of the high street & a real shame for the 1400 lost jobs.
    Personally I like the fact you can actually walk into a shop & have a play before you buy & have some unbiased advice. Yes the web is cheaper but most people will use the high street store to decide what they want, then walk away & buy online from a company with no overheads.

  • Bob

    Until something goes wrong & the company you bought it from are 400 miles away! You will need to pay the return postage & you are dealing with people without a face.
    You could buy online also from Jessops ‘in the comfort of your own house’ & if it went wrong, you can actually walk in a store & get it sorted.

    I’ve had a couple of nightmares using cheaper online stores & they do not want to know when things go wrong.

  • Tim

    Having worked for them i can say that the management were terrible. Point and shoot cameras were a big chunk of the market that they lost to cameraphones and most people came to get camera advice and bought online elsewhere. RIP.

  • Jizzgobbler

    Cameron’s Britain.

  • John Lang

    The image attached to this post is of the shop in Dublin which closed in 2007.

  • James Andrews

    and if something goes wrong now?

  • michaelp42

    You’d think so wouldn’t you, but ever tried doing it? I had an awful customer care experience with then not so long ago…

  • David Portass

    I agree, I purchased both my D300s, D7000 and SB-900 from Jessops in store. Very friendly and informative staff, knew a couple by name from working as photographers at a few music festival, and while stuff is cheaper online (~£1,320 at amazon as opposed to ~£1450 for a D600), I was planning on buying a D600 from my local jessops in a couple of months before another wedding and big event.

    While the Internet is great for some things, a significant purchase like a camera body or even a lens I’m always happier to buy from a local shop where I can try it, return it if I have issues (without having to pay for return postage or courier with the correct parcel insurance to cover it incase the courier decides to steal it or accidentally damages it, no really, I used to work for a computer shop where several customers complained they’d not received their new expensive PCs, they were found still in boxes a week later in the drivers front room by the police) plus it helps the local economy and not one of the many internet giants that seam to legally get out of paying back the full tax in the country the transaction took place.

  • David Portass

    You have to deal directly with Canon or Nikon, unfortunately Nikon stopped sending parts to Nikon Specialists to repair so everything has to be done direct with Nikon UK where even under warranty I’ve seen some customers complain they have been left well over a month for a repair and no updates.

  • David Portass

    As much as I don’t like it being Cameron’s Britain, they got left with one hell of a mess by Labour which they are trying to fix

  • Bob

    All warranties are manufacture warranties regardless of where you buy. My point is that you can have a place to go & hand it over to them for them to sort out the issue & get it sorted. Now they have gone bust you will have to send it to canon in the post & pay all postage costs to get it to them. It’s always better dealing with any situation face to face, everyone must agree with that surely!

  • Bob

    Yes I have loads of times. Please elaborate? If it’s under warranty & you purchased it from them they are obliged to get it fixed. If your issue was with one individual then you cannot blame the whole company for that.

  • Bob

    Some people have a Very Very Very short memory!

  • michaelp42

    It is history now and too long to write about here. However it was the worst cast of customer care I’ve ever seen. Two stores were involved, Southampton & Hedge End, both as bad as one another.

  • Jizzgobbler

    Trying to fix?! Hahahahahahahahaha *deep breath* hahahahahhahaha! Yeah, that’s funny. I suppose they would NEVER have started selling off the NHS, probation and other public services to their donors otherwise? It’s all just a big coincidence.

  • Gary Martin

    Shopped here once when I lived in London. Never again.Useless staff. Jacobs are way better.