A Demonstration of Fujifilm’s New Focus Peaking Feature

Here’s a quick demonstration of what Fujifilm’s new focus peaking looks like on the freshly-announced X100s and the X20. When manually focusing the lens, the feature uses white pixel highlights to indicate the high contrast areas of the scene. This is one of two new features — the other being split image focusing — designed to make manual focusing a much nicer experience on X-Series cameras.


Focus peaking is one of the hot features in new camera these days, and we’ll likely see it become a ubiquitous one before long. When cameras don’t offer it, photographers are even coming up with strange makeshift hacks to achieve the same thing.

  • Jason

    Focus peaking is a must, especially with manual lenses…I have been enjoying this feature as part of the Sony NEX line for about 2 years. Glad to see other brands using this technology nowadays.

  • bernard brand

    Isn’t it peeking? :P

  • Alex

    i’ve yet to try it in person but from the videos i’ve seen, the highlight is far from being useable on subjects that aren’t perfectly still.