Short-Lived App Firegram Used Instagram Loophole to Deliver More Likes


For a fleeting, wonderful moment, it seemed that all of our Instagram popularity dreams were coming true. Released two days ago, the app Firegram used some automatic magic to get your photos way more attention than they would ever have gotten on their own. When Roi Carthy of TechCrunch tried it out on one of his photos he got a whopping 56 likes (%1500 increase) in no time.

Alas, if it seems too good to be true, that’s because it wasn’t meant to last. As of now the app has been “discovered” by Instagram and denied access to its API — no likes for you.


Worth noting is that you can still use their techniques, albeit manually, to generate the same kind of attention. The secret behind Firegram is that the app would add tens of randomly generated general hashtags (probably related to the one hashtag the app asked you to create) to a comment on your photo, let them attract likes and followers for a few seconds, auto-delete them, and repeat.

It requires a little bit of footwork (or thumbwork?) now that the automatic option is down, but it’s totally free and, like it or not, it gets you real exposure from real people. Of course that would be a lot of work to promote a photo of this morning’s meal; but if you’re serious about Instagram photography, it may just be worth it.

(via TechCrunch)

  • Bimma

    There are still lots of other ones out there. I know this because I submit a picture to instagram and as soon as I’ve uploaded the shot, I’ve got 5 likes. No, I’m not that popular. You can tell they’ve signed up to one of these programs.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    I am still trying to figure out how to use facebook and instagram “likes” to pay my rent!

  • @Insta_Photo add me

    some people have imacro scripts written for Firefox, it auto likes photos in hope you will like them in return. seems like a lot of work but hey, exposure is exposure, organic or generated

  • Werner

    I am just wondering how to get a 1500% (15 times) inrease from what figure to 56. Considering that isn’t something like 3.5 likes, this sounds like bad math. Or is it me to be wrong?

  • nate parker

    i was wondering that too!

  • Thomas Hawk

    Remember that company years ago, Tagcow, that would tag your flickr photos for free. Later on it turned out that they were just using mechanical turk to pay poor people in India pennies to tag all your photos. haha. I had some crazy tags added to my flickr photos back in those days.

  • anna

    just to make it look unbelieavble

  • SavannahMarie

    is there an app that is similar?

  • Bob

    This sucks those selfish bastards!!

  • Jenna