Test Shows the Canon 6D Suffers From Way More Moiré Than the 5D Mark III

Reviews of the new entry-level full-frame Canon 6D DSLR are starting to make their ways onto the Web. While most reviewers seem to agree that the still image quality of the camera is quite good, the camera appears to suffer from a horrible moiré pattern problem. Gizmodo created the comparison test above pitting the 6D against the 5DMk3, and writes in their review:

All signs pointed toward the 6D sharing the same great video quality of the 5D MK3. The thing that the 5D3 does so well—that no other DSLR has accomplished—is reducing moire patterns (rainbow-like bands along detailed surfaces). But the 6D fails where the 5D3 prevailed. Moire is rampant. This single failure ruins the 6D as a viable alternative to the 5D3 for professional video.

If you’ve been eyeing the 6D, you might want to look elsewhere if solid video recording performance is a must-have for you.

Canon EOS 6D Review: Beautiful Full-Frame Stills, Crummy Full-Frame Video [Gizmodo]

P.S. You can find some other sample videos captured using the 6D here. The camera performs quite well in low light at high ISOs.

  • digitalpain

    We all know that these companies can make a really awesome product for consumers at a good cost. It is not like that they didn’t know but since we/you didn’t shell out 3600$ – we don’t deserve what we could have easily received if they were a bit less money oriented. 6D is just out there to make the users feel “oh.. I wish I had more money so that I could afford 5d mark III.. ”

    Damn these corporations and their money-hungry-insatiable appetite for making us suffer.

  • CX1

    Yikes if that is working as intended.

  • beautox

    If they were not money oriented we would not have any products at all. And to suggest that the 6D is made to make users feel inadequate is just silly.

  • BarkingDoggy

    Change the zoom, and then see what happens. Also, the D800E while being sharper is also known for being more prone. Guess what? People know how to work around it. Its not like we are seeing a plethora of examples here. Just one.

  • William Zhang

    It is expected. Since 5D3’s sensor has 3 times resolution of 1920×1080 in both H and V directions (of course after cropping top and bottom bars to form 3:2 -> 16:9), video pixel binning becomes very easy (3×3 to 1). However any sensor that has non-multiple of 1920×1080 will suffer from video moire.

  • Jesse

    propper pixel binning actually should be done 4×4. canon is doing something sneaky with the 5d3 sensor. Otherwise it would be sharp as actual 1080 footage. Its almost like they’re doing 4×4 and ending up 800 lines and then upscaling.

  • Matt H

    Yeah, because noone expected moire on the D800E ever… slightly different situation :)

  • ArnoldVandeWorp

    some one said if you don’t want moire and alliasing you need one of the cinema Eos cameras, thats insane because most photographers don’t have the money for that, seems canon wants to work like this!

  • gputah

    It is a great stills camera, even better IQ than the mk III in some circumstances, But it fails in video compared to the mk iii.

  • Ivor Wilson

    I’ve never been gladerer that I’ve absolutely zero interest in video…

  • Daniel Lowe

    I almost bought a Canon 6D, but this moire issue by itself put me off. I did buy a Nikon D600 (refurb), never had any oil or dust issues. Or moire issues, for that matter. I’m not a Canon or Nikon fanboy, I also have a Canon 5DmkII.

    The D800E is going to have Moire, folks, because it’s had its anti-moire low pass filter removed. That’s what the “E” designation means.