Fujifilm X100s Has Its Photo and Specs Leaked, Looks Identical to the X100


Earlier today, we shared a couple of leaked photographs of the soon-to-arrive Fujifilm X20, which replaces the X10 but looks virtually identical in appearance (except for the fact that it comes in silver in addition to black).

Not to be outdone, the X100s has gotten itself leaked as well. Photos and specs for that camera have emerged, and reveal that, like the X20, the camera is nearly identical in form to its predecessor.

It’s virtually impossible to tell the two cameras apart from the front, except the new camera will have a “S” prominently displayed in the bottom-right-hand corner:


Photo Rumors reports that the X100s will feature a new 0.5-inch 2.36-million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder (same as what’s found in the X-E1), up from 0.47 inches and 1.44-million dots (as found on its predecessor).

Both the X100s and the X20 will feature focus peaking, a feature many photographers have been waiting a long time for. They will also feature hybrid autofocus that utilizes both contrast and phase-detection AF.

Autofocus is apparently a priority in these new cameras (perhaps “s” stands for “speed”?), as both cameras are rumored to pack improved AF systems that offer speedier performance.

Here’s a look at the other leaked Fujifilm cameras that will be unveiled next week:


(via Digicam-info via Photo Rumors)

  • William Zhang

    Good, I was about to pull trigger on a Canon G15, but if X20 turns out to be a better version of X10, I am seriously tempted.

  • John

    Let’s hope they add exposure settings information etc. in the x20 viewfinder, then it could be an interesting digital rangefinder.

  • Roy

    It would be poignant if this hybrid AF system were to outperform that of the newly released X-E1 and Fuji’s (thus far) only pro-level offering, the X-Pro1.

  • G

    Seriously hoping they will add focus peaking with a firmware update for the X-E1/Pro1 as this will make much more sense on a camera which can mount manual-only lenses!

  • abdsd

    That photo looks like a very clearly photoshopped x100 with a badly placed s

  • Ovim

    I wonder if the manual focusing has been improved on the X100s? It’s the one thing that really bugs me on my otherwise excellent X100.

  • Ovim

    The hybrid wf switch looks a bit different in shape and maybe it’s placed differently? .

  • Jason

    Unless the X20 has a 1 inch or larger (preferably APS-C) sensor, when bother? The Sony RX100 is clearly superior. Put a zoom on the X100s and MAYBE.

  • Chris Newhall

    I see quite a few small differences.

  • Chris Newhall

    The Sony RX100 is really not that great considering it has a full-frame sensor. Fuji’s APS-C sensors (as well as the small Olympus EM5/EPL5 sensor) produce much better results from what I’ve seen/experienced.

  • Arcade Original

    Nope, the RX100 has a 1inch sensor, not a FF sensor.

  • E

    Fuji’s APS-C sensor may be good, but the X10 (and probably not the X20 either) doesn’t use that sensor.

  • pete n pete

    Would definitely consider an X200. I liked the X100 quite well, but never pulled the trigger.