Japanese Magazine Predictions for Canon and Nikon Camera Launches in 2013


In the latest issue of Japanese magazine Impress, there’s a two-page section that predicts the new DSLRs that Canon and Nikon will be unleashing in this upcoming year. Alongside each model name, design illustration, and spec list is a percentage that indicates the likelihood of the rumor coming true.



On the Canon end, there will reportedly be four new models ranging from the serious amateur end to the high-end professional end. The Canon 7D Mark II may include a brand spankin’ new CMOS sensor that offers up to ISO 25600, and 10fps continuous shooting (85% chance). It’s younger sibling, the 70D, may feature the same guts and a 3-inch swiveling LCD screen (70% chance).

There’s also mention of a Canon EOS M2 (80%) and a Canon 1DSx (50%). The M2 may be the viewfinder-equipped successor that is rumored to have a late 2013 arrival date.



On the Nikon side of things, there may be a Nikon D7200 with a 39-point autofocus system and ISO that goes up to 25600 (90% chance). The D9000 may feature a new sensor, 10fps shooting, and a 51-point AF system (35%).

There’s also mention of a Nikon V3 (75%) and a Nikon D4x (30%).

Back in January, the magazine also published a report with a number of predictions for many other camera makers.

(via Northlight Images)

  • Erik

    I like how they treat their predictions like the weather…

    “”There’s a 90% chance of this happening”

    How do they manage to come to these conclusions? lol

  • Duke Shin

    Nice. Now all we need for these to come true is for Haruhi to somehow get hyped about this.

  • Guest

    as my previous comment has not yet been moderated (it contained a link to the CR forum), i’ll post it again: it does not say that the Canon EOS 70D does NOT have fps 3 but instead it says, that it has a 3.0″ flip-screen
    for details see the comments @ CR Forum

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing that out! :)

  • Denver Wedding Photographer

    I agree – classic “90% chance of XYZ”