Fantasy Photographs of Children Living in the Reflection of a Pond


For his project titled Reflexion Autour du Bassin, French photographer Alain Laboile created fantasy photographs of his children, seen through the reflection of a small pond.

Each of the photographs tells a different story, whether it’s a shadowy figure shooting arrows at an apple in the water/sky, leaves being brought to life as wings and creatures, characters coming in contact with the real world by jumping into the water, or children playing with giant insects.











The New York Times’ Lens Blog published a profile of Laboile and his work today. They write,

A sculptor by trade, Mr. Laboile bought a small digital camera to photograph his work in 2004. He became interested in macro photography and later began documenting the children: Four girls […] and two boys […]

Theirs is a family photo album thrown before the world. Taken as a whole, the images do not evoke anything specific, so much as a feeling. Mr. Laboile’s constant presence has rendered his lens nearly invisible; the children continue their games, rarely acknowledging the camera. He never asks the children to pose, but if one of them doesn’t like a picture he has taken, he won’t publish it online.

In addition to these reflection photographs, Laboile also has a fantastic collection of candid photographs that offer glimpses into the lives of his children.

Reflexion autour du bassin [Flickr via NYTimes via My Modern Met]

Image credits: Photographs by Alain Laboile

  • oooseun

    This ladies and gentlemen, is Creativity at its finest

  • Nathan Blaney

    There’s a lot of nice stuff there – clicking over to flickr is well worth it.

  • Ayden Gotzmer

    The best thing PetaPixel has put up in months.

  • GingerBeer

    How the f**k does he do that?

  • James Schooling

    I’m trying to figure that out too. Was he underwater sometimes?

  • Mateus Augusto Lopes

    I think he takes the picture in a inverted way, in the pond, my impression is that is the reflection of the sky and them land, and he merge the picture of the kids with the reflections.

  • KH

    Excellent work. It appears the camera is upside-down (or right side up, and photo flipped) shooting towards the shore.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    these are great! so nice to see someone’s imagination run wild

  • Leonardo Abreu


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