Ho Ho Ho: Flickr Giving Away Three Free Months of Pro Membership


If you’re a Flickr user, you can currently snag and open a Christmas present from the service a few days early. The photo sharing service — which has been undergoing a renaissance as of late — is currently handing out three free months of Pro membership. Simply log in to find a link to the present on your home page, or visit the Holiday Gift page directly.

With a single click of the “Get It Now” button, the 3 months (a $6.25 value) will be credited to your account:


Here’s the email that’ll land in your inbox shortly afterward:

Thank you for accepting your Flickr Holiday Gift. Please enjoy 3 more months of Flickr Pro for free as our way of saying thanks this holiday season!
On your next billing date we will extend your Flickr Pro subscription by 3 months, unless you cancel. As a reminder, when you became a recurring Flickr Pro subscriber, you agreed that your subscription would automatically renew on the quarterly/yearly anniversary of your billing date, depending on your subscription plan, at the then-current price, until you cancel your plan. For annual plans, please note that by participating in the Flickr Holiday Gift promotion, your recurring billing date will now be three months later. All other terms of your Flickr Pro subscription are otherwise unchanged.

Flickr is doing a good job of taking advantage of Instagram’s missteps. Instagram doesn’t offer a premium membership plan, so it can’t copy Flickr’s gift giving, but it did release an update yesterday that introduced 25 new languages and a new filter called Mayfair.

Update: We originally reported that this deal was exclusively for pro members, but as commenters are pointing out below, it appears to be working for free members as well. Enjoy!

Thanks for sending in the tip, Nixer!

  • Stewart Doyle

    I claimed mine this morning! Awesome gift, hats off to Flickr.

  • 3ric15

    Yep got mine last night ;) Thanks Flickr!

  • miklos

    I wasn’t a pro member (my pro membership expired a couple of years ago) and I still got the 3 months

  • Patrick Ahles

    It even works if you have a free account… I have a pro account now until March 22, 2013

  • Nikki Comma

    Very excited about this, and yes, it’s true, you don’t need to be a Pro account holder already.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing this out, guys! We’ve updated the post. :)

  • DarrenWard

    I actually clicked no thanks but it’s still been activated.

  • giozi

    My pro account expired some days ago, this was fantastic, thanks for sharing !!

  • Joseph

    There a huge flaw in this give-away. My account expires in July of 2014 and the ad said it will now expire, with the additional three month give-away, in March of 2013

  • Sid Ceaser

    Thanks Flickr! I’ve had a pro-account for years. 3 months free takes me till Christmas of next year. I’m hoping they revamp and bring back all the users of years past. Still love Flickr.

  • schray

    Stats not included

  • mrbeard

    my account is the same, this is a sneaky way to get everyone to renew their pro accounts on march 22nd 2013, even if you’ve already paid past this date. To me this is a bigger outrage than the recent instagram farce, where’s the coverage?

  • Ryan Morgan

    Noticed that sicne it was the only profeature I was interested in.

  • DarrenWard

    I got stats through this.

  • Mike

    thanks. :D great tip

  • Rahul Ravi

    Just logged in as usual today morning was surprised to see the notification on homepage!! Flickr Kudos!!!!!!!!! Works for free members as well.