Look Lock is an Inspector Gadget-Style Smartphone Holder for Child Photos

Getting a good picture of a toddler, dog or other easily-distracted subject is no easy task. You snap, you whistle, you make funny faces, but in the end you’re often left with nothing more than a blurry picture and a very real relief that nobody else was there to see what just happened.

We’ve featured a number of solutions for overcoming this (e.g. cameras with front-facing LCDs, friendly lens-mounted toys), but a smartphone mount is one of the more versatile ones. After all, you can use it for other purposes when you’re not photographing kids. The Look Lock, shown above, is one such mount on the market.

It’s a simple (almost to the point of being DIY-able) little accessory that allows you to attach your smartphone to your DSLR’s hotshoe, using it to get your distracted subject’s attention. You know how children’s dentist’s offices often have overhead televisions playing cartoons? This is kinda like that.

The Look Lock comes in 7- and 11-inch models for $45 and $50, respectively; and if you get creative, you can find a lot of other uses for the articulating arm than just keeping an infant on point during a shoot.

You could use it as a teleprompter when shooting video, a monitor for previewing photos as soon as they’re shot, a POV video camera mount for documenting your process, and whatever else your mind can come up with.

If any of that sounds intriguing or worth the $50 investment, you can check out the full details and/or snag your own over at Tether Tools’ shop.

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  • Samcornwell

    There’s something very soulless about getting a baby to smile in this way for a photo instead of a parent actually making them laugh. But hey, commercial photographers really don’t really care about that sort of thing, do they?

  • ATrapAtNoon

    I don’t photograph kids, but I’d imagine having back-to-back-to-back sessions with small children would make any help worthwhile. Ten years later, you forget why the kid is smiling, but are glad to see it. Unless, of course, you’re a natural light shooter and get colorful iPhone catch lights…then, yeah…soulless.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    That’s smart I must say

  • Zak Henry

    Nice idea, but I usually want the hotshoe available for my flash/trigger. Tripod socket mount would be more practical.

  • Denny W.

    I think this is a great idea. I try not to use a flash with children, so shooting at slower speeds sometimes the shots do blur. The studio setting does make some children nervous or upset. If the child is happy, the smile is natural. What difference does it make if it is a parent or an interesting image on a screen they are looking at. YES I DO CARE!

  • Dan

    Child photos. I view the real genius for TV folks: it’s a TelePrompTer for the field.

  • Ron

    is there an app that can make an iphone be a remote monitor for nikon? I do a lot of model shots and I don’t shoot tethered because the model turns to the screen after each shot. If the tether screen was just above my lens, then It could work. But I’m just not aware of any way to make the iphone work as a remote screen

  • newsjeff

    Their web site has a lot higher pricing for the Look Locks! Why the big increase?

  • Steve Moylan

    A smile is a smile. You are there to photograph, and if it is easier to get a good shot with this then why not?

  • antony_northcutt

    huge price increase on their website me sees.

  • Candy

    I shoot small children all the time outdoors and I love this idea. I have a crotchet bird (lens ring) used as a distraction but considering it doesn’t really move of make noise the little ones don’t pay much attention. Unfortunately kids have an issue listening to their parents so getting then to get their attention doesn’t always work. But they sure do listen to mickey mouse!!!

  • Ralph Hightower

    I don’t know if that will work for dogs.
    Many years ago, I saw our Beagles, Ranger and Runner, cooling themselves over the floor vent. When they heard the flash charging up, they tilted their heads at about the same angle.
    Great shot of when they were pups.

  • Dan Lubbers

    Nice idea but I agree with the others. My first thought: Where am I going to put my Pocketwizard. That is a huge deal!

  • Sid Ceaser

    For a much cheaper alternative, just use a character Pez dispenser. They fit right on the hot shoe and instantly give your camera some personality. Plus: Pez you can eat! Mmmmm!

  • SW Missouri Photographer

    I disagree about it being “soulless” (not sure where you’re even getting that idea). The last few children session I had, there were 4 people calling the boy’s name, and NONE of them got that kid’s attention. With a little info from the parents about the child’s favorite TV show ahead of time, THIS would work like a charm.

  • It’s Just Me

    As a mother, I would kiss a photographer who brought that.