Fujifilm Set to Launch an X-Trans Sensor X100 Successor in Early 2013

Fujifilm made quite a splash in the camera industry when it announced the sleek X100 back in September 2010, but since then the camera’s spotlight has been stolen by newer interchangeable-lens followups, namely the X-Pro1 and the X-E1.

When the X100 was discontinued back in July, many expected to see a followup announced at Photokina in September. It wasn’t. However, it now appears that the camera will be launched in early 2013, equipped with the same X-Trans sensor technology as its interchangeable-lens siblings.

The news was spotted by Fuji Rumors in the most recent issue of F11 Magazine (issue 17 for December and January). In a review of the X-E1 (which we find to be fantastic), photographer Tony Bridge (a guy who’s sponsored by Fujifilm) writes,

Remember too, that the range of raw converters for any camera based on the X-Trans sensor is limited, including the replacement for the X100, due out early next year, which will use it as well.

The X-Trans CMOS sensor, which first appeared in the X-Pro1, is touted as being able to deliver higher-resolution and better-colored photos than competing full-frame sensors on the market, even though it’s only APS-C sized.

It does this through a irregular pattern of pixels that differs from what’s used on standard Bayer Array Sensors. The special pixel layout does away with the need for an anti-aliasing filter (used to combat the moirè effect), allowing it to capture sharper images.

The claim appears to have merit: the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 (both equipped with X-Trans sensors) have been widely praised for their image quality, especially at high ISOs.

Perhaps the new camera — likely called the X200 — will be announced at CES 2013 next month. Here’s an invitation that landed in our mailbox recently:

If you’re a fan of the X100 and have been worried that Fujifilm will be devoting most of its future efforts to its mirrorless cameras, don’t worry: the company hasn’t forgotten about you.

  • MD

    …with the 35/1.4 bolted to the front? For $1200? Eh? Eh? Make my wildest dreams come true, Fuji.

  • John

    Save up for the X-Pro Full Frame instead, anyone said Leica had no competition, right is that, HAD…

  • Brian

    Can’t wait!

  • Jono

    I hope this also means a firmware update for the x100….. faster and more accurate AF please.

  • Joseph Bayot

    Exciting news! The X200 will have to have some significant improvements for me to make the upgrade. I love my X100 and am happy with it 99% of the time.

    That said, here are some improvements I’d be happy to see, in order of importance:

    1) faster and more accurate autofocus
    2) true manual focus (focus peaking would also be nice)
    3) faster lens
    4) closer minimum focus distance
    5) longer-lasting and better-designed battery and charger
    6) better EVF (less lag, higher resolution)
    7) faster write times

  • shashinka

    I can’t afford to buy a new camera every year. Last year the X-Pro1, the year before, the X100. Both cameras work fine. I see no need to to blow another $1200 for another camera, Think, I’ll just blow the money on that upcoming XF pancake and maybe a zoom.

  • Dikaiosune01

    hopefully, this will be some interesting competition (and an affordable alternative) for the Sony RX1 and digital Leicas

  • Opie

    Most people can’t afford a new camera every year. Hell, I wish I could afford the redundancy of an XP1 and an X100.

    Does it ever occur to anyone that they might not be the target demographic for every product ever made?

  • TSY87

    hopefully sony steps their NEX cameras up to full frame as well… seems like they are closer to it than fuji, but either way, im all in for the competition!

  • John

    I read an interview with someone from Fuji, seems they indeed are on the case… I don’t care too much for Sony, I want that fuji imaging processor….

  • Ryan Oliver

    Haha. OK. Fuji needs to stop making new cameras until shashinka can cobble up enough spare cash to buy one. Then, and only then, shall they proceed =)

  • shashinka

    Yeah, really. Comment made in jest. This is why I hate how cameras have become a commodity. I went from an F2 to an F4s. Got good 15 years out of each Nikon.

    But seriously, it does really feel like cameras have because about keeping up with the Joenses.

  • shashinka

    Sadly, the XP1 and X100 both firmly fit i to the form factor of photography I have been doing over the past three years.

  • Kyle Wagner

    Well I sure didn’t know the X100 was discontinued in July. I just bought it in June this year.

  • John

    Why would anyone who already has the XP1 buy the less interesting x100 ?

  • huddy

    Leaf shutter for quiet operation and high flash sync speed. Smaller size. Preference for 35mm FL. A couple of good schools.