Nikon D600 Kits Plummet to Ridiculously Low Prices Around the Web

If you’ve recently purchased a Nikon D600 at its standard body-only retail price of $2,000, you might want to stop reading this post lest you suddenly find yourself filled with manufacturer-induced buyers remorse. If you’re a budget-conscious photographer in the market for a new full-frame DSLR, today might be your lucky day.

Nikon has launched a brand-wide fire sale of the Nikon D600. While the body-only price hasn’t changed, retailers around the web are selling the camera with a bundled lens and pricey accessories for the same price as the body itself.

Online camera store behemoth B&H Photo Video is currently selling Nikon D600 bundled with a 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens ($600), a Lowepro Rezo 170 AW camera bag ($50), a SanDisk 32GB SDHC memory card ($30), an extra battery ($35), and a Oben ACM-2400 monopod ($55) — all for $2000.

That’s roughly $2,700 in camera gear for the standard price of a Nikon D600.

There’s a similar deal with the same price over on Amazon, except that one doesn’t include the extra battery and monopod. The product listings for the body-only D600 still stand at $2000 on both B&H and Amazon, so people who don’t know about this deal might be missing out on $700 worth of extra kit.

If you were planning to buy the D600 body only this holiday season, just snatch up this bundle and sell off all the extra pieces you don’t need. You might end up scoring that coveted D600 for less than $1,500!

  • shashinka

    My buddy from Sri Lankian boguht a D600 with the 24-85 and a 70-300 wih camera bag and a few goodies last week at Costco for $2000. I spent the weeekend teaching him how to use it after he decided his NEX-5 was too complicated. I still don’t know what he bought the D600.

  • matthew

    He wanted more. MOAR!

  • Julian Trœps

    Is the dust included in the package ?

  • Matthew Neumann

    Anyone who buys this, pick up a sensor cleaning kit too. ;)

  • harumph

    It should be pointed out that the B&H deal is a one day only promo.

  • madmax

    With so many problems (mainly sensor dust), it´s not a bargain at all.

  • harumph

    Turns out the Amazon price is one-day-only as well. Get it quick!

  • Sigurd Rage

    Thats novel. Instead of addressing the device’s problems, they slash the price. Keep it up Nikon, and I’m switching brands…

  • R.j. Knackstedt

    I could care less about sensor dust. As far as i’m concerned it comes with the territory of owning a DSLR. It’s something you need to accept if these are the types of cameras you want to use. Cleaning dust off the sensor is very easy.

    But what bothered me was the oil on the sensor. Still, you can clean that yourself, but it takes a little more work than cleaning dust.

  • Studio210nj

    Had the d600 for little over a month no sensor dust. I guess I didn’t buy that option

  • harumph

    Nikon didn’t slash the price. The headline is somewhat misleading. Two stores did a one day holiday sale on similar bundles. That’s it.

  • Michael Zhang

    Actually, it’s a Nikon-wide sale:

    We just highlighted the two most attractive bundles that we’ve come across so far, but you can get the same camera+lens deal now directly from Nikon

  • realg

    You must use it first before you obtain dust/oil.

  • Bentover55times

    That’s your loss. The d600 continues to amaze me with its photo quality. Mine’s still not showing any dust and it sounds like the problem goes away with more use in those that do have the issue. This is the best all around dslr on the market and I’m not one of the weirdos who are fans of a company or product.

  • JosephRT

    Hey Michael, you forgot to add a boo-ya to the end of that response. It would have worked perfectly in that situation.

  • JosephRT

    My D7000 had this issue with the oil on the sensor. Like the D600 it was a fantastic camera but I found myself leaving it in the bag because I didn’t want to go through the cleaning process every time I used it so I had to send it back. I want the D600 but I’m not willing to go through that again.

  • asdf

    Point? Other than the fact that you deliberately did not mention that the deal was initiated by Nikon itself and the others just followed?

  • asdf

    So should you. Well but first step would be to get a job and afford D600 instead of bashing a reputed company on internet.



  • ron

    B ad H price goor till Dec29th and not a one day deal

  • Don

    Just completed a 9 day shoot in central Florida, and I was around much sand and dust. While cropping the hell out of images to take a look at IQ since it’s my first time shooting the D600, I see nothing of the sort. And I was AROUND sand, dust, and moist elements every day. The sensor was clean and worked great. SO APPARENTLY GOOGLE AND EVERY PERSON IN THE PHOTO WORLD (I GUESS THAT INCLUDES NON NIKON USERS AS WELL) ARE NOT AS FULLY INFORMED AS YOU ARE.

  • Matthew S. Sunday

    MSRP… Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price… Wouldn’t that be what they set it at themselves? Yeaaahhhhh…….

  • zeum

    Same. Mine has a few specs if i shoot white wall at f32 but who the hell ever does that. All these little babies crying about the oil/dust are just using it as an excuse because they cant afford the camera and it makes them feel better lol.

  • zeum

    so many? uh ok. dust is not an issue. ever hearf of cleaning? guess you dont cause all you have is a point and shoot.

  • Alex

    I bought a d600 body only from BH Photo at the 2k price with some minor add ons like a case, top line memory, battery. After two weeks I tested to see if I had the dreaded dust/oil issue and unfortunately I did. Wasn’t dust cause it didnt blow away with the rocket blaster. One speck was so big it showed up on the viewfinder. I called BH and they were very nice I am getting an exchange. The guy said this was an issue with the batch but apparently they have been fixed and no problems so they are sending me the new one. Haven’t received yet and now I see this deal. My guess is the body only at 2k is the new batch dust/oil fixed, the kit with 24-85 at 2k is the old batch with the issue. Pros are more apt to buy a body only and amateurs who may not find the dust/oil issue will be getting deal kits.

  • David

    I found a few dust spots on mine after switching lenses and generally playing with the camera. Nothing chronic or unexpected with a dSLR.

    Of course, I am a little miffed that the price dropped so dramatically after I got mine. I would not have used the 24-85, I like the nice 2.8s on the wide and tele ends and a 50/1.4 for the middle. Still, would have been nice to get an extra toy. That all said, I’m going to guess that the value of a 24-85 will fall through the floor on eBay. Not because it is a bad lens (great lens, so I’ve read) but just because they’ll be lots of D600 kit lens purchasers unloading a lens they don’t really need or want.

    I think Nikon dropped the D600’s price on the promo to counter the launch of the Canon 6D. They have similar features, but Canon gives their users GPS and WiFi built into the device at the same price point. Really good thinking, Canon! If I didn’t have so many Nikon bodies and lenses, I might consider getting into the Canon system. But switching between brands just because one of them out-did the other in “nice-to-have” features is a good way to waste money and time instead of making photographs.

  • Kieron

    and it seems this deal is only for those in america. I live in the UK and it stopped me from purchasing on the B&H website.

  • mk

    Actually no, I received an e-mail from Nikon advertising a $700 savings on the package. This temporary price cut was driven by Nikon but it’s unlikely it has anything to do with the sensor contamination problem. So far Nikon denies this problem exist.

  • Mansgame

    So just because you haven’t had the same problem, it doesn’t exist? Who’s the baby here?

  • Mansgame

    The problem isn’t because people shoot in sand. That’s absurd for even mentioning. The dust comes with the camera. Give it time..if you don’t get the dust, consider yourself lucky, but don’t be arrogant about it. It’s a real problem.

  • Mansgame

    Lol at least they admitted it to you. My guy told me there was no such issue.

  • Don

    What is absurd about mentioning the conditions I was shooting in? When I don’t normally shoot in those conditions, and real world issues could arise from being in that environment? I was pointing out that I was exposing the camera to elements that could create, amplify, or add to the problems that are being discussed here.

    Since I have not experienced it, is it possible that it is a batch run problem, typically found in new models of any product? No, just call me arrogant and absurd.

    Since I am experiencing clean images with superb image quality (for the price point) I guess I really AM lucky. What I am not, is arrogant.

  • Jenni

    I haven’t tried to get the dust off my sensor yet. It’s definitely there, but my shots as of late have all been around f/2. If there is a spec showing up in the view finder it’s going to be up in your mirror cage. Too bad I didn’t research this issue earlier… could’ve tried to get a different body/it cleaned. It’s a fantastic body otherwise!

  • JustSayin’

    I do not own this camera, but we could change the signal to noise ratio dramatically if we agreed to begin each post with either the statement “I own this camera” or “I do not own this camera.” It would make it easier to know which posts are worth reading.

  • Garrett

    I purchased two D600 cameras from Adorama, and they both work just fine. In fact, they work better than that, giving me the best images I have ever seen from a digital camera (but I haven’t tried the D800). As to the notorious dust/oil problem, I have two of these cameras and neither of them show any signs of sensor spots. This talk of sensor spots is reminiscent of the D7000’s introduction. I had two of those as well (sold them to buy the D600’s), and neither of them ever showed any spots on the sensor either. But I do set my Nikons to clean the sensor at turn-on and turn-off. I don’t know if it is the best FX camera out there, and I don’t really care. It’s an excellent camera with exceptional image quality, that works with my outstanding Nikkor primes. But of course, there are other excellent cameras as well. Those who must attack cameras other than those they own, simply demonstrate their insecurity. Whether it’s a Nikon or a Canon, we have outstanding full-frame cameras, from what is now a mature technology.

  • Honest Abe

    I called a manager – she denied that it’s a widespread problem completely. “Send it in if there’s an issue.” she just kept repeating… I don’t like talking to robots. Tell me something… Why WOULDN’T this be due to the oil issue? If they are in the game of pretending, why not just create a big sale to offload?

  • mk

    While Nikon continues to claim there was never a problem Best Buy told me that there was a recall and that they returned their inventory for replacement. Who knows if Best Buy was just BS’ing me to get me to buy. I did buy one and initially the sensor was clean. After 200 exposures there were about a dozen spots on the sensor without ever removing the lens. After another 300 exposures it dropped to about a half dozen spots only on the left side. After 1500 it remained about the same. At that point I wet cleaned it and it remained clean for the few hundred exposures since but just last night I checked it and found one very small spot on the left side. The test was an exposure of a blank white wall at F22. In the mean time the lens had been changed several times.

    At this point I think I’ve gotten a good one. Whether Best Buy really returned defective inventory is unknown but it is possible that Nikon just wanted to fix the problem quietly. Personally I would have more respect for them if they would be open and honest about it. I would suggest anyone that is having the problem return it for a refund if it’s still within the time window. Then go out and buy it again hoping to get a better one.

    I would be very interested to hear from any honest person working for Best Buy to shed some light on this supposed recall. Did this really happen or was this just BS and I just got lucky and got a good one?


  • Ian Forsyth

    I bought a minolta srt 101 plus lenses just b4 the june ’67 israeli war .. i did 9 months photography in the sinai in the most horriffic conditions . You want to see dust ? …. none on my negs or on the mirror or any of the lens internals .. they made cameras then .. not plastic rubbish !!!

  • Scott Fischer

    and your point was what exactly? Maybe Nikon should make cameras out of iron? Glass is heavy enough, why make the camera a tank as well. Buy a D4 if you need the bombproof body, and let the rest of us love the d600’s light weight.

  • Razboidiot

    Dude,get a grip. It’s not that big of a deal. I own a D600, and yes I did have the dust/oil issue (note the use of past tense here.) Soooooo, I bought a sensor cleaning kit and now I don’t have an issue any more. BTW, once I learned how to properly check for sensor dust, I checked my D90 and guess what OMG! THERE WAS DUST ON THE SENSOR I WAS SO DISTRAUGHT I HAD A HEART ATTACK AND A STROKE. This reminds me of the time my video card in my PC went bad… OMG! MY VIDEO CARD FAILED, DON’T BY BRAND XYZ COMPUTER THEY HAVE SERIOUS ISSUES WITH THEIR VIDEO CARDS, EVERYBODY KNOWS IT, THE WORLD KNOWS IT…. HELP THE SKY IS FALLING, THE ZOMBIES ARE ATTACKING, SOMEBODY SAVE ME.

  • D600owner

    I own a D600 – Wow, I never expected that, the voice of reason. How refreshing. Justsayin, as you stated, you do not own a D600. However, given the dust non-issue if you were considering purchasing one I wouldn’t let this stop you. I was one of the early adopters and I will admit I was just a little bit dissapointed to learn my unit did in fact exhibit the dust/oil issue. After about 1500 clicks I checked the sensor and there were about 40-50 specs of dust/oil on the sensor. As I mentioned I was pretty dissapointed, I waited 3 years to buy this camera and when the issue developed I felt let down. Rather than moan and groan about it like so many pansies here have done I spent some time on the Internet researching sensor cleaning. I found it is a huge non-issue. I always thought of the sensor as this incredibly delicate device inside the camera; it is. However, I also learned when you clean a sensor you are only cleaning the filter that sits on top of it, not the sensor itself. Also, the filter is much more robust than the sensor, and in all my research including roughly 8 forums and 4 sensor cleaning sites I only found one post by an individual who claimed he ruined his sensor by cleaning it; note, he said he made a home made tool fashioned from a piece of hard plastic and a cotton rag attached to it. Based on my research I purchased sensor swabs and eclipse cleaning fluid. My first cleaning I was so nervous, however, after three passes with the swab and fluid my sensor is now as clean and perfect as new. Also, I feel a great sense of pride knowing I can do one more maintenance process on my camera myself. In truth, all DSLRs at one time or another will get dust/oil spots which just will not come off with a blower or built-in sensor cleaner. If you are not prepared to take on sensor cleaning yourself then perhaps you should stick with point and shoot photography.

  • D600owner

    RjKnakcstedt, I couldn’t agree with you more. I upgraded from a D90 to the D600 and this after a very long 3 year wait. I was a little bit disappointed when my unit started showing dust, however, like you, I found cleaning the sensor to be not much more involved than cleaning a lens. At first, I regretted purchasing the D600, but after learning how to clean the sensor myself I no longer give it a second thought. The D600 was a major upgrade from my D90 in every respect and I couldn’t be happier with the camera. As a matter of fact I haven’t shot a single frame through my D90 since I got my d600 3 months ago.

  • Buffalo_chip

    This is the funniest post I’ve seen in a long time! DUDDDDEEE!!

  • carl

    sensor dust cannot be seen in the viewfinder because it is on the sensor – if you are seeing spots they are on the focusing screen – which as long as they stay there means nothing

  • carl

    are you still shooting the Minolta? I bet it’s dusty now….

  • carl

    f2.0 really? why? with all them megapixels you need to read about lens sharpness versus aperture – I bet you can get better results at smaller apertures – unless you need really shallow dof I guess – but still I don’t get it

  • carl

    get real – you don’t own any Nikon stuff – switching brands means nothing – I own way too much glass to switch – this is the camera I have been waiting for – finally an F-100 digital version – i’ll clean the sensor just like I did on my d70, d200 and d300 – is just not an issue

  • carl

    I agree that 24-85 on full frame is kind of limited, but 3.5 on the wide end isn’t that much slower than 2.8, and you really don’t want to be at 2.8 anyway and on the other end you do at least get VR at 50 and F4 that zoom is probably as good as the 50 1.4AFD so really you have three lenses in one, a moderate wide angle, a sharp normal and at 85mm a pretty good portrait lens. And at the same time, you have a pretty good see-thru dust cap. all in all, if it’s essentially free I think i’d keep it expecially since it’s a FX rather than a DX lens…

  • Deliverator

    You are. It’s not that big a deal. The camera is under warranty. If you have some dust or oil on the sensor, send it to Nikon for a nice, professional cleaning. For free.

  • Burned Early Adopter

    Gee .. price reduction..hmmm … do I sense a D600s in our future.