Nikon D600 Kits Plummet to Ridiculously Low Prices Around the Web

If you’ve recently purchased a Nikon D600 at its standard body-only retail price of $2,000, you might want to stop reading this post lest you suddenly find yourself filled with manufacturer-induced buyers remorse. If you’re a budget-conscious photographer in the market for a new full-frame DSLR, today might be your lucky day.

Nikon has launched a brand-wide fire sale of the Nikon D600. While the body-only price hasn’t changed, retailers around the web are selling the camera with a bundled lens and pricey accessories for the same price as the body itself.

Online camera store behemoth B&H Photo Video is currently selling Nikon D600 bundled with a 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens ($600), a Lowepro Rezo 170 AW camera bag ($50), a SanDisk 32GB SDHC memory card ($30), an extra battery ($35), and a Oben ACM-2400 monopod ($55) — all for $2000.

That’s roughly $2,700 in camera gear for the standard price of a Nikon D600.

There’s a similar deal with the same price over on Amazon, except that one doesn’t include the extra battery and monopod. The product listings for the body-only D600 still stand at $2000 on both B&H and Amazon, so people who don’t know about this deal might be missing out on $700 worth of extra kit.

If you were planning to buy the D600 body only this holiday season, just snatch up this bundle and sell off all the extra pieces you don’t need. You might end up scoring that coveted D600 for less than $1,500!

  • mhoque

    do you have any good link that shows how to clean the sensor/filter ?

  • clonewolf

    Yes…ALL CAPS sarcasm is the best! Especially when responding to ALL CAPS PANIC ATTACK posts. Obviously RAZBOI is a Canon user trying to poison the well a bit…Its ok Razboi, apple will be coming out with a DSLR soon and you’ll have a new friend.

  • Rui Nelson Carneiro

    Hi, I bought today a D600 and I’m loving it, I had a F100, but they are two completely different cameras, apart from the fact that one takes film, and the other SD cards, the F100 is much heavier and better built and hefty, the D600 is just good enough for my needs, the F100 was/is the best Nikon camera IMHO. Crazy fast and accurate AF (even today), perfect mechanics, perfect body, perfect size, amazing viewfinder! The D600, I think it’s the best value for money! It sure makes a load of dust, but as you know, it only shows if you really are going for it. Then, you can clean it and it’s good to go!

  • Rui Nelson Carneiro

    On the other hand, you’ll loose 100% VF, a very good 39 points AF, dual card slots, 4 more megapixels, better build, better LL performance, cleaner shadows and highlights, built in flash, unc. HDMI out, faster frame rate. You can’t buy “accessories” to make up for that, can’t you?

  • Dinc Bach

    Stupid Sri Lankan. Tell him to use his brain before splurge all his hard earning dollars on a camera.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Just think of it as a dent and dust sale!

    I’d think of buying one, if I didn’t already have a D800. I’m really tempted @ the $1600USD body only price even still….