Baby Boomer: A Clever Idea for Capturing a Pregnancy in Photos

When Quebec-based photographer Patrice Laroche and Sandra Denis found out they were to become parents, Larouche came up with a funny and clever way of documenting the 9-month journey of pregnancy. The photo project involved paying a visit to a local gas station at various points throughout the process, snapping photos to show exactly how their daughter Justine came into the world.

It’s neat seeing these longer-term projects that require some careful planning ahead of time (the kids will appreciate them once they grow older, as well). We’ve shared a number of other creative examples here in the past, in case you’d like some more laughs and inspiration.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Patrice Laroche

  • Kimberly Roe

    HAHA That’s great!

  • sheckie

    This is adorably silly.

  • Toby

    Where’s my bucket…

  • shawn townzen

    I love it, I wish I would of thought of that.

  • ennuipoet

    I usually find pregnancy photos unbearably twee, but this one was actually very amusing.

  • MarkLivesInLA


  • pete n pete

    Wrong hose.

  • Seth Reddington

    What’s with the shoe changes?

  • Herb Derbderb


  • lidocaineus

    This is incredibly fun and cute… though the halos around the two people is really distracting.

  • FrancoisM

    Hi Seth
    At the final stage of here pregnancy, Sandra’s calves were swollen and she couldn’t fit anymore in those boots. That’s why she continued barefoot.
    She also removed het hat, coat and gloves because the days started to be more warm.

  • Ronald


  • Dave

    Toby Creosote…..

  • madmax

    That Patrice Laroche is not only a good photographer but a god actor too…

  • madmax

    good, not god ;-)

  • madmax

    HAHAHA! Best comment here!

  • TypicalPetaPixelUser

    Looks fake to me. That explosion is obviously ‘shopped.

  • John Kroetch

    Love how the shoe got blown off. :)

  • Esra Erikci Bilgin

    superb.. very fun. bravo to all of you..

  • Michele Kendzie

    Brilliant! I took a lot of belly photos and I liked them at the time, but now they seem so boring. LOL

  • James Gowan

    While brilliant, I call fake to this whole thing …

    01) Lighting conditions be exactly the same. This is obviously shot outdoors. It would be next to impossible over months to get the same conditions each and every time.

    02) Hair lengths exactly the same for both people. Even if the woman liked to keep her hair long, women’s hair always fluctuates. The man’s hair never wavers in the least. The only person I ever knew whose hair was the same was Andy Taylor on “The Andy Griffith Show” because he went to the barber weekly. That was TV (also not real).

    03) Sandra’s body remained exactly the same except for belly, including the face. It is just not normal for only the belly to get bigger without the rest of the body following somewhat. Some women, more than others, but to a degree at least.

    I think it’s a great (amazing, actually) marketing viral campaign that I hope has brought him a lot of business, but… it looks to me like all the photos were taken at the same time and with a little Photoshop know-how, they got the results they wanted for a very interesting set of shots.