Ethereal Macro Photos of Snowflakes in the Moments Before They Disappear

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin is a master of winter macro photography. His photo collection is chock full of gorgeous super-close-up photographs of insects, flowers, snow, and frost. Among his most impressive shots are photographs of individual snowflakes that have fallen upon the ground and are in the process of melting away. The shots are so detailed and so perfectly framed that you might suspect them of being computer-generated fabrications.

They’re not though. The images were all captured using a Nikon D80 or Nikon D90 DSLR and a 60mm or 90mm macro lens.

You can enjoy many more of Osokin’s impressive photographs (16 pages worth, at the moment) over on his website.

Andrew Osokin Photography [LensArt via The Curious Brain via Colossal]

Image credits: Photographs by Andrew Osokin and used with permission

  • Darline

    Thank you for catching these beautiful pictures for all of us to enjoy. Not all of the world gets to see a snowflake, a close up one for that matter!

  • Tine Hone

    How does physics MAKE it more beautiful. What is beautiful mean in terms of physics?

  • Tine Hone

    I meant to type what does beautiful mean in terms of physics?

  • Patricklee Hamilton


  • From Tracie

    These are beautiful!

  • Rutger Moore

    why do they all have 6 arms?

  • Bakeca Incontri Milano

    Really awesome photos. The best photo in my opinion is the second one from the top

  • Jen

    Why does everything have to be debated about religion, physics, etc? Or even compared to others who have “done it better” or “done it before”? Can’t we just appreciate what this artist has done for themselves? And chose to share with us to simply enjoy? How negative can people be? They are beautiful photos regardless if GOD created the snowflake or simple physics. Just enjoy them! Thank you to the artist for sharing these. They are lovely

  • rebeccazg

    a tornado does what it does without malevolence, the same with earthquakes. Should we feel guilt for unwittingly treading on ants ? But murder comes from the free will of humans, and the suffering of the human mind, not its heart, or even soul. It comes from the inability of the mind to accept what is.

  • ScientificGod

    Thank you for your post and pics. This is how discussions should be conducted – not off tangent.

  • BBakeca

    Awesome pictures! Love them all!

  • TheEnlightenedOne

    Anyone who puts any “god” or “anything” before themselves is stupid. We should all learn to accept ourselves. Religion is just another way that people try to control one another. If there is a god it obviously isn’t all loving, because there would be no evil at all. Saying that god gives us free will is a dumb idea. If there is a god it doesn’t care if you are good or bad. “god” wouldn’t let being bad be an option, if he did care. We all came from the same source, and we will all go back to that same source when we die. Regardless if you are a mass murderer or the best person alive. Heaven, Hell or any other afterlives in any religion are just man made ideas. Heaven is just an incentive to try and get people to be more civilized and good. Hell is just a place to try and scare you from doing any wrongs. Once you realize we are all the same, you will quit trying to force your ways upon another. You do not need religion to be a good person. I really don’t care what anyone believes in. As long as you are bringing no harm to others or any living thing. Live and let live. Peace.

  • Jush

    Careful what you wish for

  • theenlightenedoneisfullofcrap

    So much butthurt, so little time

  • Troglodyte

    Beautiful. Why does water freeze like this? Don’t the molecules in water freeze in different patterns if you’re mean to it or something? nice snowflakes, anyway :)

  • No_1HabsFan

    Sooo kewl !!!

  • j

    Physics didn’t create anything. The “physics” is just something we observe and model for our own benefit.

  • Marry Root

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  • Adam J. Persiano

    well said

  • JLS

    Religion is not just another way people try to control one another; it is our past, present, future, and what we view to be beyond human nature. Regardless if you believe in God, Satan, or a being more powerful than the human kind such as extraterrestrial, we have to always put a belief or a future in where we will go in the after life. Heaven or Hell is the human nature of perseverance in ” Good and Evil,” if you believe you are so Enlightened.. “TheEnlightenedOne”.. think for a second how this same source we come from and die from is where we lay our feet before we walk, and look with our eyes before we see the true meaning of “Free Will,” that which God granted us, and that which the devil can manipulate. Think for a second how you can only look into ourselves to accept ourselves, when so many of us is lost in the first place. The Lord cannot change our future only mankind holds the power for that, but the Lord will always be a helpful teacher in our “right and wrong” decisions. God is good and will forever be a mentor to all!

  • Mr. Fabulous

    Get well soon, Mari.

  • Black boy jumps

    Dude total atheistism

  • SwedishKiwi

    Then we don’t need two names, if they are the same.

  • Martijn De Gussem

    nothing but you can think of physics as beautiful

  • John Rose

    Very nice whether you believe its god or not is personal prefence.. mine is Jesus Christ..

  • soraia

    Thanks beauty nature, thanks god!!!

  • Gina


  • JaneƅndDoug Howell

    And snowflakes and free will and douche bags…

  • Sonya

    That’s so amazing!

  • Roberto

    Fantastic !!

  • Mickaroo

    Incredible!! Thanks!!

  • Darselle Sewell Whipple

    These photos are amazing, thanks for sharing.

  • D’JOY

    Fantastic! ~Thank You For Sharing Such …Awe & Wonder Beauty <3

  • D;JOY

    to some Folks Before me~ My God Is Love~ My Religion ~~~ Kindness~~~ And, i Find It Refreshingly Liberating ~To Say ” i Don’t Know” … Just Be Nice! ’tis Easy ~One Big Crazy Wonderful Diverse Awesome Messy Family~ i Am So In Love With LIFE ;)

  • Kirk Faulkner

    Amazing stuff!!

  • SilverSpirit

    I don’t think it matters what one believes in these days. What is important is if they use their belief for their own good and the good of humanity and the earth. It is also very sad that hundreds of years ago people killed themselves and argued over religion and now in the 21st Century that still hasn’t changed.

  • Orion Rain RA

    these are amazing!

  • angel

    what a great photos :)
    perfect shapes…. amazing…

  • AndiW

    Magnificent. I choose to see the loving hand of the Creator here, but am not trying to stir debate. Thank you for sharing such beauty!!


    I wish that first one didn’t look as though it’s a plastic Christmas decoration – sort of loses one’s faith in this right from the start !

  • Greg Seth

    you have AIDS

  • Greg Seth

    yay, someone’s imaginary friend made these!

  • rebeccazg

    no, these were created by a balance of laws and chaos, and the movement of atoms forming molecues in the greatest dance of all… but for me there is intelligence in nature as well as awe ( on my part), so that gives me a faith of sorts, though not a traditonally religious one :)
    ultimately we are all empty space and points of light… x

  • sandyd

    Just stunning!

  • Damien Hirst

    i hate when macro photography just becomes a really zoomed-in image. Lacking composition

  • Victoria

    Religion is something man created to control the masses, that’s the truth. Before we even had laws and rules and restrictions, we had religion. You did bad, you went to Hell; the only way to avoid Hell would be to do good, and go to Heaven. People were brainwashed into believing that if they didn’t do “good”, they would be eternally punished. For people who aren’t as advanced in science or the education we have today, that’s a pretty scary thought. Enough to be controlled by. It’s been updated and rewritten and added to for over years and years. Science never has. Science doesn’t demand anything of an individual, it seeks knowledge rather than control. Regardless of whether “God” exists or not, believing in something you have absolutely no evidence for is pretty damn stupid. The only thing I recommend people do is believe in themselves.

    Beautiful pictures, by the way.

  • Michael

    You capitalized pretty much everything except for the singular ‘i’s. You wouldn’t happen to be a teenage girl would you? Or a girl who still has the mindset of a teenager?

  • Michael DeCicco


  • Lisa

    i do not know why people compare god to evil, i thought that is why there was satan. anyway,,,these shot of snowflakes are amazing! can you picture all the little angels up there cutting them out.

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