Polaroid Jacket Lets You Wear What the Company’s Factory Workers Wore

After Polaroid film died off, the The Impossible Project spent years rebooting the factories and breathing new life into old lines of instant film. However, the white-bordered film isn’t the only thing Impossible has brought back from the dead. The company has also recreated Polaroid fashion from decades ago, launching the Polaroid Classic Factory Jacket.

The jacket was originally worn by Polaroid factory workers wore to special occasions during the 1970s and 1980s. It’s a sporty piece of clothing that features a Polaroid logo over the heart and an easily recognizable Polaroid rainbow emblazoned across the chest (the same thing you see on the front of One Step cameras).

Here’s what the product’s description says:

This jacket is produced with the highest attention to original details and is a replication of the original factory jackets discovered by Impossible in the Enschede Polaroid factory. The hi-tech microfibers are lightweight and add to the legendary design by making it more wearable. These factory jackets have a narrow cut and you may want to select one size larger than usual. Celebrate Polaroid’s most memorable products with the classic factory jacket by Impossible.

Here are some instant photos showing people sporting the classic jackets in Polaroid’s film factory:

If you love Polaroid enough to wear the company’s logo and colors proudly across your chest, then you might want to add the Classic Factory Jacket to your holiday wish list. You can pick one up over at Polaroid or at The Impossible Project for around $85-$90.

Polaroid Classic Factory Jacket [Impossible via Feature Shoot]

  • Daire

    I assume it’s overpriced, comes only in one size, which is too small, but will be bought anyhow by all the IP aficionados who will wax lyrical about how it being too small is actually REALLY GOOD really ! And then it’ll fall apart inside of 6 months. :-D

  • Jake

    All I have to say is that I LOVE their choice of models! Who wouldn’t want to look as sleek and styling as these balding factory workers old enough to be my oldest uncle? And the industrial-chic backdrops? I’m thinking it would totally be worth carrying around Danger signs and fire hoses just so I always look that badass!

  • AntonyShepherd

    Well it’s a fashion statement. Not a complimentary statement, but definitely a statement.
    I’d sooner walk through a blizzard in a t-shirt than wear something like that!

  • XinYun

    Guess the price we are paying for, would be more for the brand name.
    Strangely the sizes available are only extra small and extra large.

  • Jason Philbrook

    great for the Mork and Mindy crowd.

  • Amon


    Now I can be a walking talking advertisement for Polaroid AND I don’t have to be paid or compensated!


  • madmax

    It seems well suited for the Gay Pride Parade ;-)

  • AntonyShepherd

    All one of them. Shazbot!

  • Samcornwell

    Impossible project always overcharge. For a group of enthusiasts that set out to do good, they price their wares way beyond normal person affordability.

  • lidocaineus


  • Sid Ceaser

    That coat is so awesomely 80’s retro you are only allowed to wear it around video game arcades and to old camera swap meets. In fact, now I want one like that with the Activision logo!

    That is so ugly it transcends into being awesome.

    And the models displaying it are PERFECT. It adds to the marketing charm!