Viewfinder-Equipped Canon EOS M Will Reportedly Arrive Late Next Year

One of the big complaints people have about the Canon EOS M (besides the horrendously slow autofocus) is the lack of a viewfinder. While autofocus can be improved through firmware updates, you can’t simply add an EVF or OVF to a camera by rolling out a download. Luckily, there appears to be a second EOS M camera on the way that does offer an electronic viewfinder.

Canon Watch and Canon Rumors are reporting that the camera will be announced sometime in the first half of 2013, but won’t be hitting store shelves until sometime in the second half.

If you were hoping for Canon to mix things up in terms of design and make the followup camera look less like a glorified PowerShot S, you’re out of luck. It will reportedly look very similar to Canon’s first attempt at a mirrorless camera, except it will include a viewfinder in the upper-left-hand corner.

The mockups above and below, created by DPReview forum member tymevest months ago, shows how the body might be modified to accomodate the extra component (just imagine the protruding viewfinder on the left corner).

Unless Canon makes the LCD screen smaller (very unlikely) or makes the entire body larger (somewhat unlikely), this protruding EVF style is what we’ll likely see. It’s the same thing Nikon has going on with the Nikon 1 V2:

When Canon first unveiled the EOS M, it explained that mirrorless cameras don’t need a viewfinder. However, according to Canon Watch, that was a fib: they report that Canon’s EVF technology simply wasn’t ready for launch when the rest of the EOS M was. Now that the technology is catching up, the two will finally be united.

  • Mateus Augusto Lopes

    I hope next generation EOS M gets way better than actual generation, there are heavy critics over it.

  • Aaron Stanley

    It will be hard for Canon to recover from a release that was ‘late to the party’ – for starters – and overshadowed by bad press surrounding its poor auto-focusing. Photogs may know that auto-focus can be improved via firmware updates, but this camera is aimed at consumers who may or may not be aware of that. How many people in your family (who are not photographers) update firmware on their cameras?

    Bad press following a release creates a certain stigma that is hard to shake from the consumers mind. Good luck Canon.

  • G

    These consumers who don’t update firmware will probably also buy the camera not knowing the af is dimwitted.

  • Aaron Stanley

    That may be true as well.

  • alex

    olympus om-d will possibly have a new model then aswell which will smoke the eos m.

  • Duke Shin


  • CX717

    They call it M for some reason.

  • AntonyShepherd

    Can’t help thinking that if there’s going to be a new model with viewfinder in six months time, anyone would wait for that rather than buy the first model. Which would turn the first model into a sales flop.
    Canon could do so much better!

  • Jen K

    Gee you’d think people never have heard of manual focus.

  • ChtotaKoya

    Looks like “late next year” is still true.