Nickelback “Photograph” Parody Pokes Fun at Instagram Stereotypes

There are certain photographs subjects that you often find while browsing the photo sharing service Instagram. Examples might include feet, the foam art in cups of coffee, old doors, and duck-face self-portraits shot using a bathroom mirror. CollegeHumor released a parody music video yesterday that collects a whole bunch of these stereotypes into song.

The parody song is titled “Look at This Instagram.” You can watch it here (warning: there are a few cases of strong/crude language):

Nickelback’s original song is simply titled “Photograph.” It’s the band’s second most popular song on YouTube, with nearly 25 million views at the time of this writing. Here’s the music video:

(via CollegeHumor via Gizmodo)

  • Aaro Keipi

    Want to take pictures people on Instagram haven’t seen before? Follow these four simple rules:

    1) No coffee mugs
    2) No mirror shots
    3) No pets
    4) No babies

    Instagram differentiation achieved! Now just avoid HDR sunsets….

  • Charles Siritho

    Pure gold

  • JosephRT

    Best indictment of Instagram yet!

  • John Sluder

    The truth hurts…

  • Renato Murakami

    I lol’d, completely agree, but I have to admit that if I had instagram I’d do the same thing. So I just don’t, I just don’t (still do the same thing on FB though – pics of food).

  • Justin

    I used to Instagram then got bored/annoyed with it. It’s the same things like the ones shown in the video that pop up on my feed. Plus the excessive use of hashtags my friends use annoyed me.

  • Eziz

    I like instagram, esp pictures of ass and titts. Don’t judge me :)))

  • Martin

    Guilty as charged.

  • Mark Dub

    Ditto :)

  • Richard Ford

    God I hate that band. Right down there with MatchBox 20, Creed, Greenday, Blink 182 and effing Kenny G.

  • mrbeard

    Instagram isn’t about art, its for sharing your life through images and interacting in a social group, i find it sad that it mocks people actually taking photos, as if its a bad thing

  • pete n pete

    Can you parody something that horrible?

  • Joey Duncan

    I think that list just makes your a hater. hahaha :-P

    Honestly, they all make decent music, and they aren’t as washed up and fake as Nickelback. Don’t hate something just because you don’t like it.

  • Joe Gunawan

    From George Takei, lol!

    Q: How much does a Hipster weigh?
    A: An Instagram.

  • Tim Zheng

    99% amazing (took off a point in defense of Infinite Jest!)

  • richardchaven

    Who is the female performer? I cannot place her and it’s driving me nuts

  • Andres Trujillo

    what about a baby in a furry suit drinking coffee in front of the mirror?

  • smith

    oh come! Its funny! (but true)