PetaPixel Unveils His New iPhone Camera Attachment, Called the foto.sosho

Last week we reported that Black Eyed Peas frontman was planning to launch an iPhone attachment that would boost the phone’s resolution to 14 megapixels. That launch happened today, and we have our first look at how the artist plans to turn iPhones around the world into more-formidable cameras.

The Telegraph reports that at a launch event in London, unveiled multiple devices under the brand name foto.sosho (it sounds like Photo Social, which is what the front of the camera says).

The attachments all come with interchangeable lenses (standard, fish-eye, wide, and telephoto), built-in flashes, and a suite of software-based editing, filtering, and sharing tools.

While the iPhone 4 attachment will be limited to those features, the iPhone 5 version that will be released later on will also feature the 14MP sensor replacement that we reported last week.

Photo-takers using the gadget will be able to connect with others through the website, which currently features a teaser page and signup link. The website will offer individual profiles for photo sharers, much like Instagram now does.

A total of four different models were announced: two for the iPhone 4 and two for the 5, with one contemporary version and one vintage. The model names are C.4, V.4, V.5, and L.5.

iPhone 4/4S users will be able to buy their foto.sosho attachments starting on December 6, 2012 from London’s Selfridges. The C.4 and V.4 will cost £199 and £299 (~$320 and $480) respectively. The iPhone 5 models won’t arrive until sometime next year, and their prices have yet to be announced.

(via The Telegraph)

Update: Engadget was at the press event and captured this hands-on look of the new accessories:

Image credits: Photographs by Gerald Gonzales/The Telegraph

  • Gannon Burgett


  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    it looks sooo hideous

  • 3ric15


  • Ítalo Brito

    Wow, so you really deleted the comment from me and the other guy just because we didn’t say nice things about the product?

    Is this a sponsored post or something? That is ridiculous and you’ll only lose readers, dude…

    Grow up and accept freedom of speech, specially since we didn’t attack you or the blog.

  • JJ

    You could get a decent (second-hand) DSLR for £200 or a 16mp point and shoot, the attachment isn’t exactly small.

  • Mike K

    The photos of the cameras look nice. :)

  • Renato Murakami

    Well, haters gonna hate, but I’m interested in exactly how they are going to boost the pixel count. My guess it’ll basically be a camera with an iPhone slot, right?

  • jon19003

    wrong audience

  • MarvinB7

    Reporting: good.
    Product: LAAAAAAME!

  • Swade

    We all know you have freedom of speech. We only here about on almost every single comment section on every single post on every single social media network. But by the way, people also have the right to delete whatever they want off their site. Your “freedom” is not so free when it’s not public domain.

  • Mansgame

    Hey Will, wussup? How about you leave the camera making to engineers and designers, and they’ll leave making bad music from a decade ago to you?

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    Nope, we didn’t delete anything. Perhaps your comment got flagged due to profanities. Will approve it once back at the computer

  • Michael Zhang

    Approved. Just watch your language around these parts and you won’t run into this problem :)

  • I dont comment very often.

    I am intrigued, niche market, niche product, I expect it will do well. I like the idea, as I am sure others will also, though with the initial product run not incorparating the 14 MP sensor I wonder if purchasers will hold off for that option to become availible.

  • Jason Lee Boyd

    Does it come with a free gold snap-in grill? I could have a matching smile! To each there own and I will have to pass, BIG TIME on this. LOL!!!

  • Jason Lee Boyd

    I think they should have called it the Will.i.ain’t and just left it unpainted. They could have supplied “buyers” with nail polish to paint it themselves.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    I rarely hope for a product to fail… But for this one I.AM

  • Antonio Carrasco

    No one will hold of or early adopt on this product. It is expensive, redundant and hideous

  • Antonio Carrasco

    oh snap

  • Antonio Carrasco

    yes you would be right.

    by saying it “boosts” your resolution, they are lying. it would have to be a separate camera with an iphone connector

  • Chris Grub

    I find it hilarious that people are so quick to jump down your throat. Have a great evening and thanks for the continually great content.


  • Jack

    Yes, a DSLR is totally a substitute product for a phone camera.

    In other news, my new car was a total ripoff and because I could have spent the money on a second hand giraffe.

  • Samcornwell

    Contrary to what everyone else is saying here, I think the cameras look quite nice, especially the white and gold one. It would be nice to stand out from the crowd and not have the same camera everyone else has, no?

  • brandon

    sweet gold trim. man, that sucks

  • jdm8

    Still, the point is this is a bulky and very expensive add-on to a phone just to improve the camera. I don’t think it’s that much smaller than a micro four thirds camera, which can be bought new for less and they don’t look as ridiculous.

  • mrbeard

    It annoys me that if your famous for one thing these days, society assumes your brilliant at everything.

  • jdm8

    At the very least, I thought the initial inspiration was to allow the use of interchangeable lenses.

  • Marc Tobolski

    All of a sudden the Galaxy Camera looks like a great idea.

  • I dont comment very often

    Expensive, redundant and hideous are all subjective statemants. I believe you may well see a few people using these in the future. As I said perhaps at the moment a niche product for a niche market, maybe 2 to 3 years from now you might well see the size and price slim down, leading to a widespread adoption among a varied userbase. I think this product will do well in the longterm, you might do well to remember that this product is not primarily aimed at photographers, though in the future, given possible advances in technology, why not?

  • Albi Kl

    The device could either feed image capture data via the phone’s power connector to a proprietary app or could simply be directing a higher quality image to the phone’s sensor.

    Either way I don’t foresee an improvement worth the asking price.

  • Albi Kl

    In other news Beats By Dre headphones continue to turn a profit. Convergence of quality camera and phone still leaves engineers befuddled.

  • Benji

    No such things as “freedom of speech”.

  • shashinka

    I have no plans for buying this, agree it seems like a silly concept. However, it is still nice to see people at least try to explore new concepts.

  • Regis Bethencourt

    LOL, you guys kill me. As if Will.I.Am just went into his backyard and started making these joints and just CLAIM it take high quality photos. Money can buy good developers, blueprints, and whatever else it takes to make this crud……….. Nobody said this was the future of photography. Its bullish that you know you jacka**es love to buy. Not anymore cornier than photographers who got those da** lens mugs.

  • Christian Moreton

    This looks like a great product. Congratulations to it’s makers. It should probably serve as a charger a well since smartphones have pretty short standby time.

  • eraserhead12

    interchangeable lenses are cute, popout keyboard is a bulky, awkward waste of space. better have its own battery, better be easy to pop out/charge the phone

    also, the name is just plain stupid. his “i am” social media site will die out as soon as it’s not shiny and new. worse, it’ll have all of 100 active users.

  • eraserhead12

    only advantage: standing out from the crowd

  • Eddy Machetty

    Could not have said it better!

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  • Kodachrome64

    +5 respect points for being the bigger person. -5 for Italian Burrito.

  • Greg McKay

    Just in time for the CrapTastic list….

  • Dave

    This is a photography forum, not a fashion forum. What exactly are you expecting to hear?

  • madmax

    This thing seems to be as ridiculous and nonsense as the name of the “artist”…

  • ga1n

    ouch! if only dpreview could dish out reviews like this.

  • ga1n

    well, the saving grace for this awful design is that it could thwart would be iphone muggers.

  • 9inchnail

    Apply cold water to burned area

  • 9inchnail

    Society doesn’t. Famous people think they’re great at everything.

    “Hey, I had a mediocre success with my album, why not start acting? Why not start a clothing line with a matching cologne so you can look like crap and smell like Bigfoot’s dick at the same time?!? Gosh, I’m brilliant”

  • 9inchnail

    Hipster detected

  • 9inchnail

    “I believe you may well see a few people using these in the future.”

    Of course you will. You also see people covering themself in their own feces, still this doesn’t catch on or is something, you would recommend your friend to do, is it?

  • Samcornwell

    I think it looks neat. I’d have to handle one to determine if it really is tacky or not. Judging by the comments here though, I don’t think it’ll ever reach the kind of status that Dre Beats headphones have got.